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The White Paper on EU development aid: coercive abortion & sterilisation discusses the possible link between EU funding for reproductive health programmes and coercive practices in countries that benefit from these funds. Any funding that goes to coercive practices violates both international law and the fundamental freedoms that make up the guiding principles of the European Union. The funding of coercive practices would also contravene specific prohibitions within the EU budget, such as Title 21, that prohibit the funding of organisations that support or participate in coercive reproductive health practices. By providing an overview of EU principles and prohibitions, in addition to international law and guidelines, the World Youth Alliance White Paper seeks to outline clearly the EU obligations in this area, in order to ensure that no EU funds go toward coercive reproductive health programmes. Where there is any concern that EU funds are being used for coercive purposes, WYA calls on the EU to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation and enact the necessary changes to strengthen current prohibitions on coercion in accordance with the culture and laws of the Union.

The White Paper was authored by Juan Ignacio Fernandez Torres, World Youth Alliance Europe Regional Director of Advocacy, and Meghan Grizzle, World Youth Alliance Research and Policy Specialist.

Click here for the PDF version.

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