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The 1st Annual International Solidarity Forum was held from November 12 to 15, 2003 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

HIV/AIDS Speakers:
Ambassador Lamuel Stanislaus, Mission of Granada to the UN
Working as a Small Delegation at the United Nations

Rev. Robert J. Araujo, S.J., Mission of the Holy See to the UN
International Law and Human Rights

Dr. Desmond Johns, UNAIDS
HIV/AIDS and Youth

Sonya Elliott, UNAIDS

Counsellor Carlos Diaz, Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the UN

Countries represented: Canada, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, United Kingdom, and USA

Declaration on HIV/AIDS: The WYA Declaration on HIV/AIDS challenges the international community to respond to the grave epidemic of HIV/AIDS in a way that respects the dignity of the person. Such an approach recognizes the ability of the person  to effect change and seeks to remedy the underlying societal factors that create conditions which place vulnerable populations at greater risk.  Read the full declaration here.

Learn about this year's ISF