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ISF 2015: "Health and Education: Keys to Development"

The 12th International Solidarity Forum, an annual event of World Youth Alliance for its active members, will take place in New York from March 23-26, 2015. The theme of the ISF will be ‘Health and Education: Keys to Development and will bring together members from across the world, experts on issues related to health and education and diplomats.

In addition to expert lectures and UN-style negotiations to draft a declaration on health and education, World Youth Alliance will hold an advocacy training and in-depth trainings on FEMM and the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), a curriculum designed to help students develop a proper understanding of themselves, their great worth as persons and the responsibility they have to act in accordance with their dignity.

Why Health and Education?

Quality healthcare and education are among the most important ingredients for human development. When people live healthy lives and are able to acquire knowledge both in skills and life, they are better equipped to contribute to society. The 2015 ISF will look into the right healthcare and education practices that are needed today.

As the next set of development goals for Post-2015 gets underway, it is important for young people to understand issues surrounding health and education. WYA is developing solutions to flawed policies and practices in the areas of health and education, and the ISF will focus on equipping participants with knowledge and tools to work for change in their respective countries.

Important Deadlines

Application deadlines:
February 10, 2015 (for those who need US Visas)
March 10, 2015 (for those who don’t need US Visas)

Related WYA events prior to the ISF

Note: WYA invites you to join these other events as part of your ISF experience.

Registration Fee

Early bird fee: 50 USD for applications before November 10.
Regular fee: 70 USD

Conference format
  • Expert speakers on issues of health and education in development
  • WYA Advocacy Training on current issues at the international policy level
  • FEMM training
  • In-depth training on WYA’s Human Dignity Curriculum
  • UN-style negotiations to draft a new WYA Declaration on the Family
  • Tour of the United Nations
  • WYA Chamber Orchestra concert
  • Film screening at the United Nations featuring winners of WYA’s 2015 Manhattan International Film Festival
Conference Schedule
  • March 23: Expert lectures on health, education and development
  • March 24: Advocacy training, negotiations and evening UN Film Screening
  • March 25: HDC and negotiations
  • March 26: FEMM, negotiations and adoption of the declaration on health and education
  • March 27: In-depth HDC training of trainers
  • March 28 and 29: In-depth FEMM training of trainers 

Conference Speakers

Coming soon

Participant Information


1. The conference is open to WYA members who:

  • Are actively involved with WYA’s programs and projects
  • Have finished Track A Training
  • Are recommended by one to the WYA regional offices to attend the ISF

To find out more about how to meet these requirements, get in touch with your regional office. Click here for a list of WYA’s regional offices and their contact details.

2. Applicants must be proficient in English. All talks and negotiations will be in English.

Apply now!

Click here to fill up the online application form.

Application deadlines:
- February 10, 2015 (if you need a US Visa)
- March 10, 2015 (if you don't need a US Visa)

You will receive an e-mail confirmation if you have been accepted as a participant for the ISF 2015.

Travel and lodging

Participants will be responsible for covering the traveling expenses to and from New York City and any other commuting expenses while in the city.

Participants are also responsible for arranging for their own accommodations. Click here for a list of accommodation suggestions in New York City.

We provide sponsorship letters for those interested in raising funds to attend the ISF.


Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about the ISF.

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