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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Youth Alliance?
The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing nations.

When is the International Solidarity Forum going to be held?
The ISF is going to be held on March 23 - 26, 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters and WYA Headquarters. 

Who can participate in this event?
Active and Track A Trained members of the World Youth Alliance from any of our six regional offices: WYA Africa, WYA Asia Pacific, WYA Europe, WYA Latin America, WYA Middle East, and WYA North America.

Applicants who have good recommendations from their regional office have increased chances of being accepted.

How do I become a WYA Member?
WYA Members are young people between the ages of 10 and 30 who sign the WYA Charter.

How do I become a Track A Trained Member?
The Track A Training is the program that trains our members in the core principles that inform the mission of WYA. It discusses key concepts related to Human Dignity including freedom, solidarity, and culture, among many others. A member is considered Track A trained once he/she has submitted answers to all seven chapters of the Track A Training manual.

Members can enroll in the program for free. For more information, visit our Track A training page or get in touch with your regional office*.

What is the application process for the ISF?
Interested parties must fill out and submit this application form*.

When can I apply?

Interested parties may send in their applications on or before February 10, 2015 (New York Time) if they need to apply for US Visas. They may submit on or before March 10, 2015 if they do not need US Visas.

When will I be notified of the application decision?
You will be notified of the application decision three weeks after you have submitted your application.

Will the World Youth Alliance provide accommodations for participants?
The World Youth Alliance will not be providing accommodations for participants. However, to address accommodation concerns of our participants, we have compiled a list of hotels and hostels in close proximity to the UN and the WYA office. You may download the list here*. 

What kind of visa will I need? 
For the conference, the most appropriate type of visa would be a Business visitor (B-1/B-2) visa. The World Youth Alliance will issue acceptance and visa letters to support your visa application.

What is the attire for the ISF?

Participants are expected to attend all ISF scheduled events in business casual attire unless otherwise specified.