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World Youth Alliance’s cultural programs provide young people with the opportunity to encounter and experience the dignity of the human person. Participation in the arts engages and nurtures all dimensions of the human person – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - and in this way promotes the integral development of the individual and contributes to the authentic development of society. The arts provide an avenue to experience a transcendent beauty. This beauty is an objective good that draws individuals into deeper contemplation of their human condition and the nature of the world. With subtlety and depth, the arts inspire honest self-reflection and foster a spirit of awe and wonder that surpasses human understanding.  For these reasons, the World Youth Alliance provides opportunities for young artists to perfect their particular craft, while also encouraging all young people to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the arts.

Each year, the World Youth Alliance presents an International Arts Forum (IAF). The event gathers artists from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds for dialogue about the relationship between art and the human person, and the role of art in society. In addition to formal lectures and small group discussions, the program includes a variety of performances and presentations by the gathered artists.

The process of understanding the dignity of the person is one that necessarily touches on the individual’s relationship to the transcendent. The arts communicate on this level of transcendence by providing a window to the intangible nature of the human person. Art leads man's focus inward to deeper self-reflection, while also directing man outward to what is beyond himself.

IAF Declarations

Each year, IAF participants collaborate to compose a statement that explores the relationship between art and dignity of the human person. The conference participants who contribute represent diverse nationalities and artistic disciplines (performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, etc.)

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Each year, the World Youth Alliance presents the Manhattan International Film Festival, gathering the work of young film directors committed to portraying authentic accounts of the human experience. Film director finalists are invited to New York City to attend the World Youth Alliance’s annual film festival, which gathers film professionals while providing an array of events including film screenings, panel discussions, speakers, and social gatherings designed to forge personal connections. 


The art form of film is unique in its assimilation of music, movement, theater, and visual art. The cooperation of these disciplines masterfully delivers a coherent vision which challenges the viewer’s personal values and experiences. WYA encourages young film directors to realize this power of film to create a world that informs human values, attitudes, and awareness.

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The World Youth Alliance Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2010 as an opportunity for young musicians to explore their personal and professional responsibility as musicians in today’s world. The ensemble consists of young musicians (ages 10-17) from Manhattan's most prestigious music programs including The Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music. To read more about the ensemble, click here

Music invites the imagination to explore a world that is not limited by what the eye can see, or what the intellect can fully grasp. As a collaboration between composer, performing artist, and listener, music re-creates the exuberance and vibrancy of man’s joys, captures the intensity and turmoil of man’s deepest sorrows and agonies, displays majesty and grandeur, and reveals the longing for stillness and peace through that which is simple and humble. Music represents the fullness of the human experience, providing unique insight into the dignity of the human person.