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The International Arts Forum is an annual conference gathering performing, visual, and literary artists representing a variety of cultural backgrounds.  



The topic of the 2014 International Arts Forum will be Art and Community: How Art Contributes to More Authentic Human Experience and Relationships.  We will explore how art enables us to move beyond ourselves, and to shape, through our imagination, the world in which we live. We will consider how great artists do more than reflect their culture and present times, but actually shape the reality of culture and civilization.  

Artists selected to participate in the International Arts Forum will have the opportunity to:

·         Present/exhibit their work in the visual or performing arts
·         Attend lectures by public intellectuals
·         Engage in dialogue with artists from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds
·         Collaborate to compose an official statement in response to the conference theme

If you are an artist interested to apply, please complete the application form below.  If your application passes this initial round of screening, you will be contacted for a Skype or phone interview.

Deadline for international applicants: Friday, September 12th, 2014

Deadline for applicants residing in the United States: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014. 

*If selected to participate in the 2014 IAF, you are responsible to cover the cost of travel (domestic or international) and accommodations for the duration of the forum.*

We look forward to receiving your application!




The topic of WYA's 2013 International Arts Forum was Art and Beauty; What is beauty? What is the role of beauty in art? Should art always be beautiful?  11 artists presented their work at this international event, representing countries including Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, and the United States.  These artists collaborated to write a statement on the relationship between art and beauty.   

To view photos from the event, click here.  
WYA thanks James Panero, Dino Marcantonio, and Wayne Adams, guest speakers at the 2013 International Arts Forum.  Their lecture topics can be seen below.

James Panero, Executive Editor of The New Criterion
"The Beauty of Imperfection”
As opposed to the highly polished work dominating contemporary art, an alternative scene has emerged producing art that is handmade, small, and inexpensive. This talk will look at the rise of alternative neighborhoods such as Bushwick, Brooklyn, where artists find beauty in the imperfections of their creations.

Dino Marcantonio, co-founder of Marcantonio Architects
"Building in Harmony with Human Nature"
Just as the beehive is an extension of the bee's nature, and the bird's nest is an extension of the bird's nature, so architecture is an extension of human nature. Built in harmony with our nature, the good building radiates beauty. Dino Marcantonio explores the nature of architecture, its history and its laws, in this brief guide for the architecturally perplexed.

Wayne Adams, contemporary visual artist who has exhibited and lectured widely
"Somewhere between God and the Devil, Re-investing the power of beauty through art"

Q: How do we think about beauty?
A: Unfortunately, not much, but it's very important.
Q: How should we think about beauty?
A: We should give it back it's legs.
Q: Who can help us?
A: This is the true vocation of the artist.



WYA's 2012 International Arts Forum featured lectures by renowned speakers including poet and philosopher Mark Anthony Signorelli; doctor of contemporary art Mar Morosse; and art and architecture critic Catesby Leigh.  The event gathered artists from countries including England, Togo, Kenya, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The forum closed with a private concert hosted by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and performed by the young musicians of World Youth Alliance's Chamber Orchestra.  At the conclusion of the event, speakers and artists collaborated to draft a statement capturing the conference's reflections on the relationship between art and the human person. To read this statement, click here.

Watch the video below to meet artists who participated in the 2012 International Arts Forum: