Our Work

The World Youth Alliance’s educational programs are designed to equip students, of any age, to promote and defend the dignity of the human person through advocacy and culture either directly, as active members, or wherever they find themselves in the course of a lifetime. A variety of formal and informal educational programs provide opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of human dignity as well as a greater commitment to defending and promoting this essential truth about the human person. Ultimately, the desired educational outcome is the formation of individuals who embrace a worldview that situates the dignity and worth of every human person at the center and whose lives reflect this understanding and commitment.

Track A Training:

Track A is the core material for training in the principles that inform the mission of the World Youth Alliance. It is a collection of texts with corresponding questions that together examines the philosophical and cultural idea of the dignity of the person, and enables our members to articulate this idea.

The online training program requires an intensive commitment on behalf of the member and is a prerequisite for international internships and United Nations conference participation. The training consists of three major themes, addressed through seven chapters:

  1. Philosophy of the human person
  2. Movements and individuals who have shaped history
  3. International documents and institutions

Track A is the principal means of preparing members to articulate WYA’s mission and effectuate its goals. If you are interested in participating in our online training program please contact us at education@wya.net.


Regional and international internships are an exceptional way to explore and experience the ideas and activities at the heart of WYA’s mission. Internships consist in and provide for:

  • three (3) or eight (8) month long commitments
  • the opportunity to live with other interns and WYA members and experience a variety of cultures first hand
  • the opportunity to learn more about and to live out the meaning of human dignity as a member of a vibrant committed community of young people
  • the completion of Track A training and certification
  • the assignment of each intern to a particular project that directly furthers a critical aspect of WYA’s mission

For additional information and to request an application please contact us at internships@wya.net.

International Solidarity Forum (ISF):

The ISF is an annual 4 day event hosted by WYA at the United Nations in New York City. The Forum brings together WYA members from around the world, and selected experts and members of the UN diplomatic community who participate in discussions, workshops and cultural activities focused on a particular theme of global importance.

Every ISF produces a Declaration related to a particular theme. Click here to read the WYA Declarations.

For more information about how to participate in ISF 2012 contact us at education@wya.net .

Regional Training Events:

WYA’s regional offices host events and seminars to promote a deeper understanding of the idea of the dignity of the person. Our annual signature event, however, is the Regional Emerging Leaders Conference. These annual conferences bring together young leaders from university campus groups and elsewhere to work with regional policy makers and experts on regional applications of our annual theme. For more information about an Emerging Leaders Conference in your region contact us at  education@wya.net.

WYA Book/Film List:

Through the experiences of literature and film, WYA’s Book/Film List is intended to provide opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of human dignity and their commitment to WYA’s mission. Each recommendation will be accompanied by a set of questions designed to facilitate further discussion in academic and social circles or which may be used for personal enrichment. WYA highlights a new recommended book or film each quarter, so check back regularly! ,We hope that these materials will provide substantive opportunities for dialogue surrounding the nature of the human person. To access our book and film list, click here.