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What is the World Youth Alliance UN Leadership Training Program?

The United Nations Leadership Training is a three-day program offered by World Youth Alliance to university students and other institutional participants to provide hands-on experience on global diplomacy and United Nations negotiations. This program is content-focused, rather than procedural, and is based on current UN documents and accurate country positions

When is the UN Leadership training held?

The dates of the program depend on the university or institution applying to the program. We strive to accommodate any three working days which the university or the institution chooses, but in case of conflict in schedule, we will work together to find the best alternative dates.

Where is the UN Leadership training held?

The training is held in New York City.  Depending on the size of the group, the training and negotiations are usually held at the World Youth Alliance headquarters for the first two days and United Nations headquarters for the third and last day.

How do we apply to this program?

Please fill out an application form here and submit it. In case you need further clarifications  or pricing details, send us an email at education@wya.net. We will get back to you. 

What topics will be covered?

The university or institution selects a topic of their choice during the application proccess. The topics include population and economics, reproductive health, sustainable development, good governance, HIV/AIDS, among other topics.

Can an individual apply to the program?

No, the program is open only to Universities and other institutions. An individual, unless representing an institution, can not apply to this program.

What are the training costs?

Send us an email at education@wya.net to learn more about the cost of participating.

Where do participants stay?

The World Youth Alliance will offer assistance in finding suitable accommodation for participants in New York. Recommendations will be based on a group's bugdet and size.