Our Work

UN Leadership training participants from HEC (Paris) and Chengchi University (Taiwan) with H.E. Philippe Lalliot, Consul General of France in New York - April 2011LAU Students interact with Lebanese Ambassador to the UNLAU Students visit to the UN Headquarters (Inside the UN general assembly)Lebanese American University Students pose for a picture after receiving certificates of completion

Overview of the Program

The World Youth Alliance UN Leadership Training is a three-day program offered by WYA to university students and other institutions to provide an introductory session and hands-on experience on global diplomacy, the philosophy of human rights, and other global issues in discussion at the United Nations. This program aims to provide a philosophical training to future leaders, as well as practical examples of how international policy is shaped and developed.

The program is divided into three main parts: lectures/training, a simulated UN negotiation, and a tour of the UN. Students will receive lectures on the legal framework and philosophy behind the human rights project, the role and purpose of non-governmental organizations, and understanding how language negotiations work at the UN. The debates and negotiations will be centered on a theme chosen for the program by the participating institution. Students will train on best practices and guiding principles for addressing the topic, and then will draft and ratify an outcome document on the topic.

The goal is to provide young leaders with an on-the-ground perspective of UN negotiations. The negotiation simulation is content-focused, rather than procedural, and is based on current UN documents and accurate country positions.

WYA Expertise

In our advocacy and education programs, World Youth Alliance has developed a language in defense of human dignity that can be universally accepted by many cultures, traditions, and philosophical backgrounds. In our work at the United Nations, we assist diplomats and policymakers in seeking out “common practical ideas” that can be implemented for the common good, based on the recognition that every human being is endowed with inherent dignity and rights.

Target Audience

-Students or young professionals interested in pursuing careers in international relations, diplomacy, foreign affairs, international law, human rights or global policy

-Young leaders interested in gaining a better understanding of international issues and the ability to work with individuals of various backgrounds and cultures

University or institutional representatives interested in this program are encouraged to fill out an application form here and submit it. In case of further clarifications or pricing details, please send us an email at education@wya.net or call us at +1 212 585 0757