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Because of YOU… each year, a young person gets the chance to contribute
time, talent, and energy to defending dignity around the world.

Our internship program has grown and expanded to each of our six regions.

$15 or more per month can help us reach our goal!

Your monthly commitment of $15 or more helps us continue to invest
in these extraordinary young people who give back to the world.

6 Regions. 75 interns. $1500 per intern.

Each intern costs us $1500 USD, giving us a goal of $115,000 USD to run our global internship program.
Your generosity will enable us to provide this opportunity to 75 more young people this coming year.

 To read testimonials of some of our interns, click here or enjoy the slideshow below.

We accept PayPal and credit cards in the following currencies.  To make a donation, please click currency of choice (CAD, EUR, GBP, MXN, or USD) below and follow the instructions.



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