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"This experience afforded me the opportunity to understand and take part in the political process in Europe, meaning I was able to see first-hand how European political and legislative procedures work."
- Sam G. (United Kingdom)

"This experience provided me a wonderful insight on what does it really mean to defend human dignity and promote the valuesoffamily, life and solidarity in the cultural and political arena. I have no doubt that such an experience will serve as a strong foundation for the coming years, especially as I will enter the professional life."
- Imre (Belgium)

"The incredible people that WYA’s mission draws, is something that really speaks for what we are working for everyday—the human person. I have never been in the presence of so many intelligent, kind, supportive and interesting people in my life. Thank you for providing me with this incredibly unique and educational experience. I will never be the same."
- Nina (United States) 

"The experiences and interactions I’ve had at WYA have changed me. Not only because I’ve met and come to understand people from manydifferentbackgrounds, not only because of all WYA has taught me, not even because I’ve grown so much in understanding solidarity and what it means to give of one's self, but most of all because of the eye-opening reality that I need to share the truths about human dignity wherever I go."
- Alex (Honduras)

"WYA is a school of the human person. As we young people from many countries and backgrounds live and work together for a unified purpose, we come to a deeper understanding of what it means to live in the truth of the human person and experience the freedom and solidarity that flows from that. This knowledge is a treasure that I will always carry with me and one that will have great impact on my future."
- Felogene (Kenya)

"WYA unites us in learning what it is to be a human and how is it to live in truth, excellence with the recognition of objective values. This experience and knowledgethatwas given to me through the WYA internship has been vital to my development as a person. I can say through these values that WYA has passed on to me, I am far more confident and disciplined."
- Angeline (Philippines)

"The World Youth Alliance internship has allowed me to grow in multiple dimensions:intellectually, mentally and spiritually."
- Janet (Taiwan)