Be a Dignity Ambassador at the World Youth Day with the World Youth Alliance

January 05, 2013 7:00 pm -- July 30, 2013 7:00 pm

July 17th to  28th, 2013, the World Youth Alliance will be present at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, promoting Human Dignity and sharing in friendship and solidarity with the world’s youth.

In 1986, United Nations declared that year as the first “International Youth Year” and to celebrate it young people from around the world reunited in Rome. This same year was announced as the institution of the World Youth Day as a week-long international event, every two or three years. Some of the countries where the World Youth Day has been held include Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Spain. This year, the World Youth Day will be held in the amazing and lively city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Be a Dignity Ambassador

Young WYA members from around the globe will gather in Rio de Janeiro to encourage fellow WYD pilgrims to join WYA in the promotion of human dignity and recognize The Power of Young People to Change the World. Dignity Ambassadors will participate in fun games and activities with other young people from all over the world and will join discussions on life and family, and share in solidarity with one another.

The WYA Team will be provided with accommodation, food and local transportation within Rio de Janeiro. You can be a Dignity Ambassador from July17 to 28 or from July 23-28 (From July 17th to  22nd, only accommodation will be provided).


Would you like to be a Dignity Ambassador at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro? 

Because Young People have the Power to Change the World.

We have already started.

What about YOU?


Deadline February 20th

For further information, contact the World Youth Alliance Latin America Office at or call us as +52 55 5340 7908.