WYA Week in Croatia - Find the Dignity, Change the Future!

March 17, 2013 7:00 pm -- March 24, 2013 7:00 pm

“Find the dignity, change the future” will be the first presentation of World Youth Alliance (WYA) in Croatia, what values WYA promotes and how can young people engage in advocating human dignity. Also, WYA members will be introduced into Croatian history, culture and specific issues with regards to questions of human dignity and human rights in Croatia. The Week will finish with a Grand opening of three WYA Chapters in Croatia.

The Week will be an opportunity for the first public advocacy of human rights in Croatia and speaking about all issues in which WYA is involved, particularly human rights, human dignity, Millennium Development goals, youth education and culture. Furthermore, the Week will be an opportunity for building up a network of young people, academics and political leaders who share common understanding of the notions such as human person, human dignity and human rights. 
Topics that will be discussed involve definition of the family, problems of human dignity in a modern society and Croatian law, rise of modern ideologies, ethics and truth issues in the media, foundations of human dignity and capacity of a human person to achieve freedom for excellence. Young people will have the opportunity to understand more deeply the fore mentioned topics, to share the ideas and experiences, as well as to learn from distinguished lecturers. 

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Download the program schedule here.