15 Campaign: Help Us Keep Changing The World

June 01, 2014 -- December 30, 2014

WYA believes that dedicated people with the right ideas can change the world.

The World Youth Alliance launched the 15 Campaign on May 15th.  Donations to this campaign will fund the WYA Internship Program.  

This program is fundamental to WYA’s mission and success. Every year, WYA accepts 75 exceptional young candidates from around the world to intern with one of the World Youth Alliance regional offices for 3-6 months.  Our interns help us to accomplish many of our core projects, including international advocacy work at the United Nations, local advocacy work on the ground, the International Solidarity Forum, the Manhattan International Film Festival, Emerging Leaders Conferences, and educational programs on human dignity.
Teaching dignity to young people around the world.

WYA invests heavily in providing a strong foundational training for our interns. Interns complete a 350 page reading series (Track A Training Program), take exams on international law and global policy issues, and advocate for the dignity of the human person through culture, policy work, and education.

WYA’s interns go on to change the world with the right ideas.

The training which WYA’s interns receive prepare them as they return to their home countries and continue to promote and defend the dignity of the human person. Our interns go on to fight corruption and build good policies, work on the link between peace and security, establish public health systems in developing nations, and work in numerous government and policy institutions. They are also congressional representatives, policy workers, doctors, teachers, professors, engineers, artists, writers, filmmakers, and businessmen and women. 

Just 15 a month allows us to give 75 young people the chance to promote human dignity around the world.

All this work is made possible by your support.  WYA’s successful internship program has grown and expanded to each of our six regions and this requires funding. A monthly commitment of $15 or more helps WYA continue to invest in these extraordinary young people who give back to the world. Each intern costs us about $1,500 USD, giving us a goal of $115,000 to run our global internship program. Any donation helps enables us to provide this opportunity to 75 more young people this coming year. You can make a donation here at

March of 2014 marked WYA’s 15th birthday. On that day, we were reminded that the greatest gifts we have are the people we have worked with through the years. At its core, the 15 Campaign reflects the hope and promise WYA sees in youth around the world to create positive change.  

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