WYA Africa's Solidarity Book Drive brings books to slums of Nairobi
December 12, 2014
WYAAP, HFHAP ink partnership for Habitat YOUTH Build 2015
December 10, 2014
WYAAP partner with UMY, AIPD, MSA for 1st International Fair of Special Educational Needs
December 10, 2014
WYAAP, Kythe-Ateneo Partner for Christmas Outreach
December 09, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Holds Alumni Christmas Dinner
December 09, 2014
World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Holds Sacred Spaces Tour
December 08, 2014
WYAAP, DLSU EconOrg partner for 14th YEC NCR series
December 08, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific, UA&P partner for 17th CivAsia Conference
December 08, 2014
WYANA Holds A Successful Emerging Leaders Conference 2014
December 08, 2014
WYAAP goes to Batanes
December 08, 2014
Life in Diversity
December 02, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Holds 2014 MIFF Manila Screening
December 01, 2014
WYA Europe Emerging Leaders Conference 2014
December 01, 2014
WYA Africa Visit by Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Club
November 24, 2014
WYAAP RD participates in APEC Voices of the Future
November 13, 2014
WYA AdZU Chapter conducts Track A Training
November 13, 2014
WYAAP invites members to Manila MIFF Screening
November 13, 2014
WYAAP Office Holds Film Night and Farewell Party
November 13, 2014
WYA LA announces ELC Essay Contest Winner and Finalists
November 05, 2014
WYA Celebrity Ambassadors officially launched
November 03, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Celebrates Success of 3rd ELC
November 01, 2014
WYA-Middle East: Emerging Leaders Conference
October 31, 2014
WYA Dinner 2014 Honors Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan
October 30, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific to speak at 17th Civitas Asia National Student Conference
October 30, 2014
Announcing the Formation of the First Tunisian National Committee
October 29, 2014
Lebanese Youth: A Future of Conflicting Identities
October 27, 2014
Meet our New York Interns and Fellows!
October 24, 2014
WYA Latin America Announces 2015 Internship Schedules
October 22, 2014
WYA Africa 5th Emerging Leaders Conference a Success!
October 16, 2014
ELC Europe Essay Competition Winner
October 15, 2014
WYA Latin America in Chile
October 06, 2014
WYA Africa "Meet and Greet" Barbecue Party
October 03, 2014
WYA Middle East Receives a Grant from the United Nations Democracy Fund
October 03, 2014
Candidates of Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought
October 02, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific welcomes WYA AdZU Chapter
October 01, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Empowers Deaf Filipino Youth
October 01, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Holds Cultural DigniTEA Party
October 01, 2014
WYA-Middle East: First National Gathering for Lebanese Certified Members
September 29, 2014
WYA Headquarters announces 2015 Internship Dates
September 29, 2014
Human Dignity Curriculum in Mexico
September 26, 2014
What Can be Done to Avoid Early School Leaving? WYA Europe at the Quality of Childhood Working Group
September 12, 2014
WYA Headquarters welcomes Taiwan Youth Ambassadors
September 11, 2014
Family Intergroup in the European Parliament
September 10, 2014
WYAAP strengthens chapters, members in Western Visayas
September 08, 2014
WYA Board Member, Dr. Flanigan, assists in efforts to battle Ebola outbreak
September 08, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific launches WYA Westbridge Club
September 07, 2014
WYAAP to launch WYA Philippine Celebrity Ambassadors
September 07, 2014
WYAAP invites members to MIFF 2014 Iloilo Screening
September 07, 2014
WYAAP, YouthLEAD PH partner for youth leadership convention
September 07, 2014
WYAAP, BCYFoundation partner for CSR Research Conference
September 07, 2014
WYA Africa: Meet our Interns
September 05, 2014
WYA Latin America School Tours in Costa Rica
September 03, 2014
WYA Europe speaks at the ECPYouth
September 03, 2014
WYA Woodrose Club welcomes new members
August 31, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific announces 3rd WYAAP ELC Early Bird Delegates
August 29, 2014
WYA Emerging Leaders Conferences around the globe
August 29, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific announces 2015 Internship Dates
August 28, 2014
Beyond Borders: a Cultural Celebration of Migrant Workers
August 20, 2014
WYA Africa Discussion on Kenya Reproductive Health Care Bill
August 18, 2014
WYAAP Director at 20th Asia Pacific Youth Conference
August 11, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific goes to Brunei Darussalam
August 07, 2014
WYAAP celebrates successful WYA Week in Indonesia
August 07, 2014
WYA holds 7th International Summer Camp in NYC!
August 07, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific inks MOU with LSPR-Jakarta
July 31, 2014
WYA Africa Excursion to Machakos Peoples Park, Kenya
July 25, 2014
WYA Celebrates World Population Day
July 15, 2014
WYA Congratulates Mr. Jean-Baptiste De Franssu
July 14, 2014
Announcement: Africa Emerging Leaders Conference 2014
July 08, 2014
Job Opening: Regional Director of Operations WYA Africa
July 01, 2014
Taking our first steps in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco
July 01, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Coffee House Celebrates Dignity Through Art, Film, Poetry, Music
June 29, 2014
WYA Africa Film Screening: Schindler's List
June 26, 2014
WYA AP Hosts Post-ISF Discussion on Family and Economic Development
June 25, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Director Speaks at UNITE 2014
June 19, 2014
Conference: Is Conscientious objection in danger?
June 18, 2014
Announcement: Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference
June 17, 2014
Invitation to a Lecture on Euthanasia and Conscientious Objection in Europe
June 10, 2014
Job Opening: Regional Director of Operations WYA Asia Pacific
June 09, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Director Conducts Leadership Workshop for Abra and Binongan Indigenous Youth
June 09, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Director Visits Typhoon Haiyan Victims in Leyte
June 09, 2014
Largest Asia Pacific Summer Camp To Date Accredits Members
June 08, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific at 10th Philippine Parliament of Youth Leaders
June 08, 2014
A Tour of Cambodia at WYA Asia Pacific
June 08, 2014
We have a winner!
June 04, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Holds DigniTEA Party: "Navigation"
June 03, 2014
WYA Announces Honoree for 2014 WYA Dinner
June 03, 2014
European Union rejects demands of 2 million European citizens
May 28, 2014
WYA Europe in Luxembourg, 'What is at Stake in the European Elections'
May 27, 2014
WYA Releases 2013 Annual Report
May 27, 2014
WYA Latin America at Working Group on Family
May 21, 2014
WYA Latin America is part of the OAS's Hemispheric Forum Belem do Para +20
May 21, 2014
Press Conference: WYA Latin America proposes a better way to reduce Maternal Mortality in Guerrero
May 21, 2014
North American Members Can Now Sign Up for New Track A Training Course!
May 16, 2014
Help Us Keep Changing the World: WYA Launches the 15 Campaign
May 16, 2014
WYA Celebrates the Family
May 15, 2014
May 15, International Day of Families
May 15, 2014
WYA North America Launches New Photo Competition!
May 09, 2014
WYA Africa Moves to a New Office
May 09, 2014
WYA Participates in the First Arab Youth Volunteering Forum
May 06, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Names Participants to This Year's Summer Camp
May 06, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Receives Award for Outstanding Youth Development Organization
May 05, 2014
WYA International Summer Camp Now Accepting Applications
May 01, 2014
WYA LA in March for Life Mexico
April 30, 2014
WYA LA at the OAS
April 30, 2014
The President of WYA at the American University of Beirut
April 24, 2014
WYA publishes article affirming there is no right to comprehensive sex education
April 23, 2014
WYA Releases Declaration on Family and Economic Development
April 16, 2014
CPD47: Renegotiating Cairo
April 14, 2014
Successful hearing in European Parliament on citizens' initiative against destruction of embryos
April 10, 2014
WYA Latin America joins March for Life in Mexico
April 09, 2014
Philippine Supreme Court upholds RH law but strikes down conscience-violating provisions
April 08, 2014
A Tour of Japan at the WYA Asia Pacific Office
April 08, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Awarded Outstanding Partner in Science and Technology
April 08, 2014
Youth Breaking Boundaries: From Dignity towards a better Society
April 07, 2014
ISF 2014 Examines the Role of the Family in Development with WYA Members from around the World
April 05, 2014
Winning Films of the Manhattan International Film Festival Screened at United Nations
April 03, 2014
WYA Celebrates 15 Years with a Weekend Full of Events
March 31, 2014
Aliah Dimaporo Cimafranca is awarded the 1st Kathryn Hoomkwap Award during the WYA 15 Ball
March 29, 2014
Controversial Amendments Introduced at the Eleventh Hour of CSW58
March 22, 2014
Lebanese Identity and Belonging: Challenges and Opportunities
March 14, 2014
Middle East Training of Trainers Workshop
March 12, 2014
Beirut Internships: Bringing Three Continents Together
March 05, 2014
WYA Asia Pacific Welcomes over 2,000 New Dignity Defenders
March 04, 2014
Announcing Winners of WYA's 3rd Annual Manhattan International Film Festival
March 01, 2014
WYA Spain Hosts First Symposium in Madrid
March 01, 2014
CSocD Affirms Empowerment of People for Development
February 21, 2014
WYA delivers statement at the United Nations 52nd CSocD
February 19, 2014
WYAA Regional Director Featured in 'The People'
February 14, 2014
Belgium grants children the so-called "right to die"
February 13, 2014
Asia Pacific 2013 MIFF winners receive Ani ng Dangal awards
February 12, 2014
Reaching Out to Schools in the Middle East
February 05, 2014
WYA Europe participates in 'Tous pour la Famille Bruxelles!'
February 04, 2014
World Youth Alliance Joins Thousands in March for Life
February 03, 2014
Council of Europe condemns move toward child euthanasia in Beligum
January 30, 2014
13 Young Directors Named Finalists in WYA's 3rd Annual Manhattan International Film Festival
January 14, 2014
WYANA Celebrates Most Distinguished Member of 2013
January 09, 2014
Spain Government Approves Bill to Protect Right to Life
December 23, 2013
Arab Youth as Partners in the Development Process
December 21, 2013
Puebla Chapter Holds its first Forum on Family
December 19, 2013
Expanding WYA's Network in Tunisia
December 18, 2013
WYA Shares an Evening of Thanks with Close Supporters and Friends
December 11, 2013
WYA re-affirms the need for person-centered approach to HIV/AIDS
December 10, 2013
Victory for human dignity: Pro-abortion Estrela Report defeated at European Parliament
December 10, 2013
Conclusion of the Middle East Emerging Leaders Conference
December 09, 2013
Important Questions Tackled at International Arts Forum 2013
December 05, 2013
WYAAP Celebrates Flash Back Friday
December 04, 2013
WYAAP Conducts Sulong Workshop in Bataan City
December 04, 2013
Donate to WYA Foundation each time you shop on AmazonSmile
November 12, 2013
Solidarity Message for the Philippines
November 11, 2013
Unemployment: A Major Obstacle to Youth Development in the Arab Region
November 09, 2013
RSVP - WYA Christmas Party 2013
November 08, 2013
WYA Middle East: New Program, New Interns, New Ideas
November 01, 2013
North America's Emerging Leaders Conference dismantles a culture of commodification
October 31, 2013
WYA Latin America concludes a successful Emerging Leaders Conference
October 26, 2013
Victory for Human Dignity at European Parliament: Report on Sexual and Reproductive Rights
October 22, 2013
Mainstreaming Sustainable Development into National Development Strategies
October 18, 2013
WYA Europe at conference on "Demography Changes in Europe"
October 15, 2013
Art and Society in the Middle East
October 14, 2013
Launching the Lebanese National Committee
October 09, 2013
WYA Europe Hosts Successful 2nd Emerging Leaders Conference
October 05, 2013
WYA Europe at International Confererence on Human Dignity at Romanian Parliament
September 27, 2013
Lebanese American University: Moving Partnerships Forward
September 26, 2013
WYAAP Hosts Successful 2nd Emerging Leaders Conference
September 25, 2013
WYA Africa Holds Public Lecture with Makerere University Uganda
September 18, 2013
Congratulations to ONE OF US!
September 18, 2013
Manhattan International Film Festival in Brussels
September 18, 2013
Human Creativity Is The Solution To Youth Unemployment In Europe
September 13, 2013
WYA International Director of Operations Featured in CNA
September 05, 2013
Manhattan International Film Festival First Exhibit in Mexico City
September 04, 2013
Job Vacancies: Regional Director WYA Asia Pacific
September 03, 2013
WYA Africa Emerging Leaders Conference
August 29, 2013
Building Friendships Beyond Borders - WYAAP Team visits Bangkok
August 23, 2013
Job Vacancies: Regional Director WYA Latin America
August 21, 2013
WYA Africa Joins International Youth Day Celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya
August 14, 2013
WYAAP Visits La Salle Green Hills and School of St. Anthony
August 12, 2013
Thousands Celebrate Life with WYA at World Youth Day
August 06, 2013
WYA North America will be holding its annual Emerging Leaders Conference from October 25th-27th.
August 05, 2013
Enroll in the WYA Free Online Training Program!
August 05, 2013
WYA's 6th International Summer Camp was a success!
August 05, 2013
Apply Now to the Latin America Internship Program!
August 05, 2013
WYAAP Team Participates in Local World Youth Day
August 02, 2013
WYA Team at WYD Featured on TV
August 02, 2013
WYAAP Goes on a "Temple Run"
July 31, 2013
PAREF Woodrose Launches Its Own WYA Teen Club
July 31, 2013
WYAAP Celebrates Dignity Through Coffee House Session
July 29, 2013
WYA Chamber Orchestra musicians selected for National Youth Orchestra
July 24, 2013
WYA and Latin American coalition respond to sustainable development reports
July 16, 2013
What's happening in the Middle East?
July 08, 2013
WYAAP Hosts Manila Screening of the Manhattan International Film Festival
July 07, 2013
43rd Regular Session of the General Assembly of the OAS
June 27, 2013
Artists Invited to Apply for WYA's 2nd Annual International Arts Forum
June 19, 2013
WYAAP Hosts Post-ISF Discussion on Health and Sustainable Development
June 18, 2013
WYAAP holds its second Sulong Workshop for the year
June 11, 2013
Enroll in Free Online Track A Training Program
June 03, 2013
The Africa Emerging Leaders Conference
May 31, 2013
Winners of 'My Family Portrait' Contest
May 31, 2013
WYA Europe Prepares for the International Year of the Family
May 24, 2013
Summer's Last Hurrah! : WYAAP 2nd DigniTea Party of the Year
May 21, 2013
WYAAP Director Talks about Volunteerism with De La Salle Lipa Youth
May 15, 2013
WYA Chamber Orchestra performs at Long Island Mozart Festival Sunday, May 26th
May 08, 2013
Beware of People Using WYA Name Without Authorization
May 07, 2013
Anna Halpine Interview On Key Issues for Croatian Youth
April 29, 2013
"Celebrating Mothers of the World" | Mother's Day - May 12, 2013
April 22, 2013
2012 Annual Report Release
April 22, 2013
New WYA Declaration on Health and Sustainable Development
April 22, 2013
Job vacancy: European Regional Director of Advocacy
April 17, 2013
Participate today in "Premio Familiarizarte"
April 10, 2013
WYA Week in Croatia - Welcome to our 500 new members
April 03, 2013
WYA North America: Expanding from Sea to Sea: 400 New Members in Washington State!
March 27, 2013
Latin America Director of Operations speaks in Baja California, Mexico
March 26, 2013
WYA Europe at 'Advancing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda' in Bonn
March 25, 2013
Foundations of Human Dignity
March 23, 2013
WYA members add their voice to the UN Global Survey for Citizens on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
March 13, 2013
Asia Pacific Team Helps Youth Move Forward
March 12, 2013
WYA Celebrates the International Women's Day
March 08, 2013
European Director of Advocacy Delivers a Lecture at Ordo Iuris Legal Center in Warsaw
March 08, 2013
Regional Director of WYA Europe gives a lecture at European Christian Political Youth Network
March 08, 2013
WYA Hosts New York Premier of "It's A Girl"
March 05, 2013
WYAAP Regional Director Speaks on Youth Participation in Advocating Peace and Justice
March 01, 2013
Manhattan International Film Festival Prizes Awarded
February 26, 2013
'It's a Girl' screening in WYA Europe
February 25, 2013
Job Vacancies: Regional Director and Regional Director of Operations
February 11, 2013
WYA Joins Hundreds of Thousands at March for Life
February 06, 2013
WYA Statement at the 51st CSocD
February 06, 2013
Manhattan International Film Festival Schedule (Feb. 22-24, 2013)
January 31, 2013
WYA President Featured in Manila University Paper
January 31, 2013
Migration to play key role in post-2015 agenda-but how?
January 30, 2013
Anti-Trafficking seminar and photography exhibition Wednesday 23rd January 2013
January 28, 2013
WYA Europe film screening "Life is Beautiful" Monday 21st January 2013
January 25, 2013
New York- Join WYA for a Special Film Screening of "It's a Girl"
January 23, 2013
WYAA Tournament Player Joins Elite League
January 15, 2013
WYAA Launches Track A Group at Strathmore University
January 11, 2013
WYA publishes Declaration on Art and the Human Person
January 07, 2013
Mathare Youth Lift Trophy at the Close of WYAA Tournament
December 22, 2012
World Youth Alliance Europe at 3rd International Conference on Human Rights Education
December 21, 2012
Human Rights and Civil Society Conference in Brussels
December 18, 2012
Philippine Reproductive Health Bill Passed on Third and Final Reading
December 18, 2012
Philippine Reproductive Health Bill Passed on Second Reading in Congress
December 13, 2012
WYAA Shares Christmas Joy With Children's Home
December 11, 2012
WYA participates in European Prayer Breakfast
December 10, 2012
Dignity Project On Staten Island
December 10, 2012
WYA Christmas Cultural Round Robin Monday 3rd December 2012
December 06, 2012
WYA Europe Regional Director Speaks in Slovakia
December 05, 2012
WYA Featured in Arizona State University Paper
December 04, 2012
Two UN General Assembly Resolutions Include "Reproductive Rights"
December 03, 2012
WYAA Partners In Football Tournament
December 03, 2012
ITRE Committee Endorses EU Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
December 03, 2012