National Chapters and Committees

World Youth Alliance Africa headquarters are located in Nairobi, Kenya. Through our local and regional training events as well as The Regional internship programme at our office, we are able to work closely and meet members who we have continued to work with over the years.

Since the Africa office opened in 2003, World Youth Alliance has attracted young people from all walks of life and from different African countries to join as members by signing the World Youth Alliance charter, either by signing on our website or through our training and cultural events that we hold; we also have many members who have signed the charter after knowing about us from people we have worked closely with.

In order to facilitate our work with members, WYA Africa has established National committees of trained members and chapter representatives within youth groups, states and provinces as well as within learning institutions. Our committee at every level are made up talented and dedicated individuals whose work and volunteer spirit has helped the growth and outreach of World Youth Alliance in Africa, we are grateful to these young people who donate their time, skills and talents to reach out to their fellow youths and spread the message of Human Dignity in our continent.

The following National Chapters and committees have emerged over the years; of course, young people are invited to undertake the WYA online Track A training, undergo accreditation and organise local WYA activities like trainings and cultural activities such as dignity projects and work closely with the Regional Director in order to establish WYA National committees and local Chapters in their countries. World Youth Alliance Africa has currently, trained members ,in the following countries and local areas: Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, we look forward to grow and spread further to the Central, West and Southern Africa as well as to the French speaking parts of Africa. It is our hope that by use of Internet technologies, our committees will share best practises and knowledge and help spread WYA further and in better way as we grow in to the future. Keep visiting the site for more developments.


We have a network of trained members and past interns who have served in our Regional headquarters that dedicate time and their talents and work closely with the Directors at the Africa office in organising local training and cultural events and help spread WYA across Kenya by organising WYA introduction/speaking engagements in their local youth and religious groups, learning institutions and among groups of friends. Correspondence to the Kenya national committees can be done by contacting the Regional Director via  or via the email


World Youth Alliance first visited Rwanda in 2005 after an invitation by a group of young people in Kigali. This followed establishment of the the Rwanda Youth Alliance, a group of dedicated members who helped spread WYA in to Butare and Gisenyi. Over the years, members have organised local training activities and the annual directors and presidents tours of the members and thus contributed to growth of the region. Currently, WYA has two main areas where members meet and organise activities:
Butare(National University of Rwanda):
Emails to all the committee members above in Rwanda can be addressed or CCd to:


The World Youth Alliance Africa staff first met enthusiastic young Burundians during training activities in Rwanda. The first group of Burundians who joined hands and formed a local group at Ngozi University School of Medicine, later World Youth Alliance president and Regional Director were invited by the Amahoro Youth club in Bujumbura and the members enthusiastically joined World Youth Alliance as individuals and as a youth group. Correspondence:

Democratic Republic of Congo:

The World Youth Alliance has since 2006 worked with members in Goma, Eastern Congo. Our first members and coordinators have been students in the Universities and youth groups in the area. The members have frequent activities and also share time as they discuss and help each other understand the Track A trainings in English. Correspondence: 


Although we have had active members from Cameroon, the National chapter was not launched until December 2009 during the WYA Africa Regional Director’s first visit to the members. The Cameroon members mainly come from Douala and Yaoundé‘s learning institutions. Core members have been organizing Track A discussions and are in the process of coordinating more local activities in order to solidify WYA activities on the ground.


Although we have had sporadic membership activities in Ghana over the years, the national committee was not set up until 2009 after one of more active members participated at the Region’s DDD conference. The national committee was first set up in Accra, Ghana and the members have held and participated at various trainings on Human Rights in the country as well as WYA regional and international events. We hope that with due time, local chapters of WYA will be established across the country.


The World Youth Alliance Harare chapter was started by students at University of Zimbabwe, Harare who upon reading the WYA charter and signing up, the young people enrolled for the online Track A training and held discussions. Thereafter, the members invited the Regional Director for a first visit to Harare in 2007.


For a long time, WYA Africa has worked with exceptionally talented young people in Nigeria. This has been our base in West Africa for a long time. We have trained many young Nigerians through the online training programme as well as through our regional and international events. In 2007, WYA held a conference on Good Governance in Calabar, Cross River state. Lately, WYA has established a chapter at Tansian University, Anambra state. We have a chapter representative in Lagos, Ikeja too. Over time, we have realized the need to establish local chapters based on states that neighbour each other for easy coordination of events and members across states and at the larger Nigeria. Members are welcome to give ideas to the Regional Director on ways in which state chapters can be conducted. Plans are underway to work with active and trained(and those on training) members to work closely with the Regional office in achieving this. Correspondence: