Jambo, Bonjour, Hello!

Welcome to the World Youth Alliance Africa page. Here you will find information about our work in various African countries  as well as events, activities and programs in which you can participate. We work with young people from different countries of the our continent to promote human dignity and life by working in policy, eduaction and culture.

We invite you to sign our Charter and join us in affirming human dignity.

We invite you also to enroll in our online training zone  which will equip you with knowledge on Philosophical foundations of human dignity, human rights and global development issues. Feel free to contact us at

Go Dignity, Culture and Life!

In Solidarity,
Hannah and Obeja

WYA Members after Emerging Leaders
Conference 2013

WYA Memebers after soccer in 
Central Park, Nairobi

WYA Members,  during Emerging Leaders
Conference 2013