National Chapters of World Youth Alliance Europe!

The European region is developing a whole web of national chapters around the continent. We invite you to give of your time and talents to your local chapter!

Start a new chapter near you!

● Like the sound of what WYA does but want to do more?
● Is there no chapter yet in your region?
● Thinking about or have completed Track A?
● Keen to share your passion with others?

Chapters are driven by the initiatives of young people who put their passion for human dignity into action. As a result, members are empowered to participate directly in our work.

What does a chapter do?

A "chapter” is a way of promoting the dignity of the human person through cultural events, expressions of solidarity and Track A training. It is most commonly delivered as a group session run by a Track A certified young person, to share the core ideas of WYA in a fun and informal way.

Chapters are a way of uniting young people from all over the world around a common defence of human dignity, freedom and the family. Chapters mobilise members and those who are interested in WYA to connect with our ideas through practical action at a local and international level.

Chapters meet on a regular basis and thereby provide an open forum in which young people can get to know the key ideas of the World Youth Alliance and discuss issues of concern to them. Weekly and biweekly discussions in various cities have proven to be very popular and provide continuity to WYA's presence at the local level.

Apart from dedicating a lot of time to personal formation and training, several WYA chapters work with regional staff to organise cultural or training events, membership outreach. Members gain expertise in project management, membership recruitment, business planning and drafting statutes. Many people have also dedicated time to translation of WYA's materials in order to become more effective communicators at the local level.

In Europe, we currently have chapters in several cities including London, Oxford, Madrid, Pamplona, Warsaw, Brussels and Vienna. Chapters are in development in Spain (Madrid), France (Paris, Angers) and Italy (Rome, Milan) among others.

What would you gain from completing WYA Track A training?

Track A is WYA’s Certified Training Programme given to all young people who wish to take their understanding and advocacy of the human person to the next level. It consists of a compilation of texts with corresponding questions that together set forth the philosophical underpinnings necessary to understand and substantiate the claim that every human person possesses an intrinsic and inviolable dignity.

“As young people and the next generation, we have a responsibility to act better than the past generation that led us to (this) crisis. Therefore, our best asset is education, and not only in technology and science but also in philosophy, morals, and ethics. Technology on its own is meaningless. It needs to subordinate to a goal, which for me the protection of life, the most valuable gift we ever received. Track A provides an insight into the complex philosophy of life.” Krisztina, Spain

“The themes touch very relevant aspects of my work, and I wanted to read more into it and learn more about how a full and rich understanding of common buzzwords such as 'Solidarity' and 'Freedom', etc, can promote human dignity in international policy.” Susan, UK

“I like the combination most of all!! Because everything is related, it is good to see the link between the ideas. The text helps me answer the questions and dig deeper than I would be able to without having completed Track A.” Caroline, Belgium

Why start a chapter?

Starting a chapter enables you to engage in WYA’s global advocacy strategy in solidarity with a coalition of over 1 million members. It gives you the opportunity to initiate grassroots efforts on a local level to promote the dignity of the human person and also makes you eligible to participate in internships, conferences and events.

This is what our chapter leaders have to say about their experiences:

“It’s fun; you make new friends and you find a mental stimulation that’s different from what you would get at university or at work. It also gives you the chance to explore the ideas behind social policy and initiatives and challenge yourself” Olivia, UK

“It’s interesting because it makes you reflect on current ideas, helps you to argue your beliefs, and better acknowledge where your ideas (and others’) come from” Caroline, Belgium

“Running a chapter gives you a better understanding of the world, of people and of how international institutions work. We waste so much time watching TV amongst other things- taking part in a chapter is of so much more value!” Vincent, France

Start a chapter today!

Chapters run on the creativity and initiative of young leaders. Chapters can be organised within an existing university group, or being as a new entity within an organisation or simply between friends.

Chapter members who wish to lead discussions must first complete the Track A Certified Training Programme and receive the original Track A curriculum. If you are interested in receiving this training, or would like to set up or discover a chapter near you, please contact us at