Hello/Bonjour/Hallo/ Europeans! 

Welcome to World Youth Alliance Europe. We are very excited to work in solidarity with you and include you in our next projects for this 2014.

You can join our team of young people coming from many different countries all around Europe to promote Human Dignity through a culture of life. In WYA Europe we work in policy making, cultural programs and education in association with the European Parliament, European Commission and other European institutions and organizations, training young fellas to work at the regional and international levels. We also work at the United Nations.

And there’s a lot to be done! We invite you to sign our Charter and join us in affirming Human Dignity.

Please, check WYA Europe page for upcoming events and activities. Follow us on Facebook (World Youth Alliance Europe) and Twitter (@WYAeurope) to keep you updated.

In Solidarity,

Daniel Wisniewski
Regional Director