Looking back 

The United Kingdom National Chapter has seen active members who have marked the history of World Youth Alliance, as former staff members, interns and volunteers. Each of them has contributed to the establishment of this WYA Chapter.

 Meet the UK members and learn about what they mean to WYA and what WYA means to them!

Olivia Darby-Head of Chapter 2010-2013

Olivia met the World Youth Alliance in Brussels whilst she was doing an internship at the European Commission. Inspired by the Track A training and driven by the understanding that human dignity is most accessibly expressed through culture she led track A discussions in London for two years. As a result of the vivid discussions she led several high calibre students and graduates to apply for an internship at the European Office. She also organised presentations of World Youth Alliance’s sister organisation FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management Programme) in London. In 2012, together with other UK chapter members she helped to secure a grant to host the WYAlympics at the time of the 2012 London Paralympics. This event sought to deepen the understanding of the worth of every person, especially those with disabilities through seminars, workshops and sports sessions. 

Emilia Klepacka- Regional Director 2004 -2007

Emilia organized the European Year of the Family cycling race in six countries in Europe, culminating in Brussels   on the 10th anniversary of the international year of the family. She worked hard to promote policies that respected the dignity of each person in areas such as human cloning and stem cell research. Emilia developed a focused and indomitable advocacy presence for WYA at the European Institutions.

Olivia Raw- Director of Operations 2001- 2003

Olivia graduated from Southampton University with a degree in French and Portuguese. She took semesters abroad at La Sorbonne in Paris and Universidade Nova in Lisbon. After working at the European Commission’s Direcorate for Education and Culture, she became the Director of Operations at the European Regional Office of World Youth Alliance in Brussels, then known as the European Youth Alliance. During her time as Director of Operations, she inspired 22 active members across Europe to become Committee Members and organized conferences to introduce Word Youth Alliance’s vision throughout Europe.

The Vision

 What Does WYA UK DO?

Track A and Training of Trainers

The World Youth Alliance UK will promote the education of young people through WYA certified training programs, including the dissemination of Track A Training. Track A explores the philosophical underpinnings of the human person through readings, essays and discussions. Young people who complete the training have an opportunity to become trainers of the Track A, participate in WYA events, start a University club or intern at one of  WYA's offices.


WYA UK members can participate in the UN Voices essay competition where the winner has the chance to voice his or her statement at the UN on behalf of the World Youth Alliance at the Commission for the Status of Women. The last UK member to have won this incredible privilege was “Wojtek Szymczak”.

We will be looking for ways to engage constructively with policy makers at the local, national, European and International levels.


In the next three years, WYAUK will be working to introduce the signature cultural programmes developed by the World Youth Alliance such as the Manhattan International film festival and the International Arts Forum, host move nights and run photography competitions that portray the deeper understanding of the human condition. In the future, WYAUK hopes to develop innovative new cultural programmes which can further add to the affirmation of life all levels of society. 

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