Latin America

As part of the work of World Youth Alliance, promoting the dignity among youth, a conference was organized to train our members and friends about an issue that divides the international community: Population growth as a challenge for the economic development of countries.
In order to increase understanding, eliminate myths and build commitment among young people, on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th , November 2011, WYALA helt the:

“Population and Economics: Investing in YOUth Today!"

The event brought together prominent national and international speakers who invited the young audience to recognize the fundamental importance of respecting life in all its forms is a key to population growth to ensure economic development of the nation and the world.

Thank you to our speakers:
Dr. Chandra Choubey, Principal of Tecnológico de Monterrey High School Campus Santa Fe; José Antonio Ardavín, Director of the Center for Mexico of the OECD; Miguel Ángel Carreón, Director General of the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE); Armando Regil, Founder of Instituto de Pensamiento Estratégico Ágora (IPEA); Gustavo Tovar, Lawyer, poet and Human Rights Activist; Roberto Girault, Director of Halo Studio; Gerardo Gutiérrez Candiani, National President of the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (COPARMEX); Luisa Khalil, Lecturer and Law Student; Dr. José Villela, Physician and Lecturer and Chris White, Internacional Director of Operacions of the World Youth Alliance

The event had the attendance of members from different parts of Mexico as well as different countries in Latin America. The “Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Campus Santa Fe” hosted the conference, which culminated with the WYALA Cocktail 2011 where we had the honor of having the company of Mr. Patrick Slim who presented the Dignity Awards 2011.

Our members who attended were very pleased with the experience and shared their opinion on the Conference. 

Rosa Veléz, Student at the Universidad Panamericana said "The Latin American Emerging Leaders Conference, was a success! As with any event, not without setbacks, but they were easily forgotten by the many positive things. Attendees were full of energy and enthusiasm to implement what they heard. The speakers were of great spirit, and the topics very diverse. This was very positive because it reached several fields and the different facets of the person. For example, with Dr. Chandra there was the attractive and moving part about changing yourself and then change the world. Then there was a more objective panel of an economist who had data, facts and figures. Finally, the panel of young leaders was the perfect closure, because it was managed to land all the things learned over the two days, and see that it is possible to make a change in society.

We thank everyone involved to make this Conference possible and we look forward having you on our next Emerging Leaders Conference 2012. 


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