Latin America


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World Youth Alliance Latin America

Here you will find information about our work in Latin America, as well as events, activities and programs in which you can participate. At WYA Latin America, we work with young people from different countries of the region to promote human dignity in policy and culture. Through cultural, advocacy and training events, young people can live the experience of human dignity and share it with others through WYA Latin America.
We invite you to sign our Charter and join many young people around the world. You may find our Charter in Spanish here.

If you want to get involved with WYA Latin America here is the way to start:

Get Certified on the TRACK A Training:
If you want to get involved in WYA activities, the Track A training is the way to start. You can enroll online and study on your own time. The training´s duration is of 3 months and has no cost. You will also enjoy  group discussion available on our internet training platform.

The dates for 2013 online training are as follows:



Saturday 26th

January 19th

May 25th

May 18th  

September 28th

September 21st

Attend our Annual Emerging Leaders Conference:
The Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference is the region´s most important training event that gathers members from all Latin America to learn and discuss about international issues concerning human dignity. Also, our national chapters hold National Conferences regarding WYA´s annual theme in different countries in the region. Previous National Conferences have taken place in Costa Rica and Chile. National Conferences are organized by National Chapters.

Come and work with us through our Internship program:
Internships at the WYALA Regional office last three months and interns' activities vary depending on every member´s interests, abilities and studies.

Our internship periods for 2013 are as follows:



January 7th to March 22nd

December 14th

May 6th to July 19th

April 12th

September 2nd to November 19th

August 9th

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