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Start a National Chapter! 

Be a WYA representative in your country and join us in the promotion of human dignity. Here you will find what you need to know to become a Chapter member:

What is a National Chapter?

A National or Local Chapter is a representative group of committed WYA members who, through a determined structure and under the supervision of the Regional Office, undertake and implement activities in furtherance of the mission of the World Youth Alliance within the Chapter´s locality.

What kind of activities does a National Chapter do?

  • Training events: The chapter has the opportunity to continue training members in the promotion of human dignity by holding the Track A training in person, WYA members´ primary training. Chapters can also organize Conferences, discussion groups and summer camps for their younger members.

  • General Activities: Chapters is the main vehicle of involving WYA members in activities at a local level, starting with small friendship activities to get to know other members in the locality, as well as holding cultural activities like plays, movie nights, trips to local museums and historical places, etc.

  • Attend regional and international events: Chapter members will be able to attend WYA´s most important trainings such as the International Solidarity Forum and the Emerging Leaders Conference, as well as UN Commissions, OAS forums and Local Policy events.

What do I have to do to start one?
To start a National Chapter, members should follow the following steps:

1)  Become a Track A certified member.
2) Chapters are formed by three members, a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. You may either have already a working team or you may ask your regional office to call for applications in your country or city and hold an assembly for elections.
3) Sign WYA Chapter Agreements (these documents will be sent to you by the regional office) 
4) Start activities!     
What can I gain by starting a chapter?
Chapter members will gain the training and experience that leading a group of young people gives, as well as the knowledge and networking made during the chapter´s period. In addition to this, Chapter members will always be able to attend WYA´s most exclusive events and be active leaders or delagtes in regional and international policy-setting gatherings. Chapter members will also receive a World Youth Alliance Certification.  

For more information contact your regional office at