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The WYA Middle East regional office, in partnership with Notre Dame University, is holding the annual Emerging Leaders Conference titled “The Family and Economic Development in the Arab Region”.

The workshop aims at educating Young Leaders on the yearly theme, and together with the WYA regional office, discover how these ideas can be translated and adapted to the local and regional context. With this goal in mind, the participants will have the opportunity to build a regional network to continue collaborating on future projects and policies.


The Arab region is characterized by strong nuclear and extended families. With a focus on challenges that young people face, this conference aims at exploring the role that families play in the region amidst an increasingly difficult economic environment. The regional conference is covering four main themes:

  • Family support to children, elderly, persons with disabilities, displaced persons and refugees
  • The importance of remittances in supporting families living in the Arab region
  • The role of the family in reducing youth unemployment and better managing the transition from school to work
  • The impact of financial difficulties on delaying youth independence and marriage

Dates and Venue

This year’s Emerging Leaders Conference will be held at Abou Khater Hall, Notre Dame University, Main Campus-Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon on the 23rd and 24th of October 2014.

Tentative Agenda

How Can I Apply

The conference will include around 50 young Arab leaders, therefore, we encourage interested applicants to register by clicking here.

Application Deadline

For the applicants residing outside of Lebanon, the deadline to submit the application is on the September 15th, 2014 (Taking in consideration the 21 days to retreat the visa).
For those residing in Lebanon, applications can be submitted until October 15th, 2014. 


The Emerging Leaders Conference is free of charge for Notre Dame University Students and Lebanese residents World Youth Alliance certified members.
The Non-Lebanese residents will be providing, on their personal expense, their flight to Beirut, Lebanon. World Youth Alliance regional office will provide them with the following packages for accommodation and transport.

The WYA-Middle East office will provide further details on payment method, once the application form is submitted.

Feel free to have a look on last year’s Emerging Leaders Conference by clicking here

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
T/F: +961 1 340772
Mobile: +961 78 809745