North America

International Summer Camp 2014
July 27 - August 10, 2014
Portsmouth Abbey, Rhode Island

About International Summer Camp 

The International Summer Camp is an exciting and intellectually enriching experience for young people aged 13 to 17. During this intensive two-week program hosted by the World Youth Alliance, young people from all over the world learn about the dignity of the human person, how this relates to true solidarity and authentic freedom, as well as the ways in which these ideas can inform our approach to contemporary issues at the local and international level. In addition to seminars led by WYA staff, the International Summer Camp involves many outdoor and cultural activities.  WYA International Summer Camp is truly a life-changing experience where lasting friendships are formed through the common belief in the dignity of the human person.

Classroom topics include:
• Is the human person a subject with dignity?
• What is authentic freedom?
• How do we become champions for the defense of the human person?
• What are the current threats against human dignity at the United Nations?
• How does WYA bring the voice of young people to the international arena?
• Why is the person at the center of authentic human development?

Outdoor and cultural activities include:
• Sports and recreation 
• Traditional dancing and improvisation 
• Game and movie nights

Benefits of participation:
• Learn the tools necessary to defend the dignity of the human person
• Experience immersion in an exciting intellectual environment
• Enjoy outdoor excursions and cultural activities

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply

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  1. Read and agree to the World Youth Alliance Charter by signing here.
  2. Fill out the International Summer Camp Application Form here. Accepted campers will be officially notified by email.
  3. Please submit your summer camp payment after you receive your acceptance letter.
Processing your payment

There are two payment schemes to choose from:

Option A: One-time payment
Amount Payment Due Date
$1,400.00 TBD

Option B: Two payments
Amount Payment Due Dates
$350.00 Security Deposit TBD
$1,040.00 Remaining Camp Fee Balance TBD

There are two modes of payment to choose from: online payment or check payment by mail.

For credit card or Paypal online payment:
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Important dates to remember
Camp Dates: July 27 - August 10, 2014
Full camp fee:

$ 1,400.00
Security deposit deadline:**
Remaining camp fee balance deadline: **
Application deadline: TBD

*Option A payment scheme
**Option B payment scheme

Past International Summer Camps
"I totally loved it, I fully recommend it, it's not only a great and innovative way to become independent, but also WYA summer camp teaches you human values in a fresh and easy way. Not to mention the amazing people I met, I learned so much, of every single person, to respect them and to respect other people, because everyone is special and important in their own way. But what was more significant was that I felt as part of something bigger than me, it's a unique feeling of belonging that you don't feel everywhere."
- Ana Sylvia
"The WYA Summer Camp is one of the most powerful displays of solidarity that I have seen in my life. "

- Jarnickae Wilson, Saint Lucia

2012 International Summer Camp Photos

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