North America

Hello there, North Americans!

There’s a lot to be done on our little (big) continent and we’re ready to hit the ground running.

"Like” our newly re-loaded North America Facebook page for all of our updates and follow us on Instagram @WYANorthAmerica! Be in touch! Keep us posted on your activities in the region so that we can highlight you and all of the good work that you do. We love hearing from you. 

Also, help us spread the word about dignity and the work of WYA. If you have any contacts at schools or campuses or youth groups that you'd like us to reach out to, let us know! We have a lot of amazing programs to offer: WYA International Summer Camp, the Emerging Leaders Conference hosted each fall in NYC and the WYA Advocacy Academy, just to name a few!  If you're interested in taking our training, starting a chapter, doing an internship or just want to get more involved, please send us an email!

To dignity!

Clare Halpine