North America

WYA High School and University Chapters

Want to change the world?  Easy there, young grasshoper.  First you have to start a WYA chapter!  WYA Chapters are driven by the initiatives of young people who put their passion for human dignity into action.  

What does a Chapter do?

  • Chapters promote the dignity of the human person through projects and activities: cultural expressions of solidarity and training events at the grassroots level. (You can't start a fire without a spark...)
  • Mobilizes members to connect the ideas of WYA with practical action at the local level.  
  • Unites members from North America with young people from all over the world around a common defense of human dignity, freedom, and the family.

What are the benefits to starting a Chapter?

In addition to promoting the dignity of the human person and creating change at your school, university, community, region, and the world at large, you mean?  A WYA Chapter allows you to:

  • Engage in WYA’s global advocacy strategy in solidarity with a coalition of over 1 million members.
  • Initiate grassroots efforts on a local level to promote the dignity of the human person.
  • Participate in WYA events, such as:
    • WYA International Summer Camp
    • Commissions at the United Nations in New York City
    • Conferences around the world
    • Internships at the WYA Headquarters in New York City and our offices in Mexico City, Brussels, Nairobi, Manila and Lebanon

What are possible Chapter activities?

“Join the Party!” Host a Membership Drive
By organizing a membership drive, Chapters can invite more young people to “join the party” and become a member in this global coalition. Every year, on March 25th, the WYA celebrates its birthday. Chapters across the region can organize a membership drive on or around that date to encourage others to stand up for dignity and sign the WYA Charter. The Chapter in North America with the most newly gained members in conjunction with the annual membership campaign will be featured on the website and their project presented at the International Solidarity Forum in New York City.

Cultural Expressions of Dignity
Culture is one of the greatest vehicles through which to communicate the dignity of the human person. For this reason, Chapters are encouraged to have regular cultural events. For suggestions on possible project themes, see our list of suggested books and films that highlight the importance of the expression of human dignity through culture.  Host a run, host a poetry slam, host a coffee house! The sky's the limit when we're working to re-build a culture of dignity.  Contact us if you want to brainstorm any further ideas!

WYA Training Discussions
Learn about and discuss the fundamental ideas behind WYA’s mission and how these ideas relate to freedom, solidarity, culture and the history of international movements. Chapter members who wish to lead these discussions must first complete the Certified Training Program and receive the original Track A curriculum. If you are interested in receiving this training, please contact

Start a Chapter today!

Chapters run on the creativity and initiative of young leaders in conjunction with a sponsoring faculty member or administrator from the school. Chapters can be organized within an existing club, group, or organization and can also begin as a new entity within a school or university. Each Chapter must have a faculty advisor who communicates directly with the North American Director.

If you are interested in starting a Chapter, please contact Clare or Marie at:  We would love to hear from you!