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Dear Friends of WYA,

We would like to extend the thanks of our latest batch of interns at WYA's headquarters in New York.
Read their stories, learn about the projects they worked on, and know that all this is thanks to you and your support of our work.
Edward Abland
Virginia Beach, VA
  Diane Rosales
Makati, Philippines 
Mary Imbong
Manila, Philippines
  Zarina San Jose
Manila, Philippines 
Weronika Janczuk
New York, NY

From Edward Ablang of Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Friends of the World Youth Alliance,

Hello! My name is Edward Ablang. I am twenty-nine years old, and I hail from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Last May, I received a certificate in philosophy from St. John’s University in New York. I have completed additional studies in Florence, Italy and received a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Music at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

It was during my recent studies at St. John’s that I was informed about the World Youth Alliance. Naturally, as a philosophy student, I inquired further, curious to know how an organization took on the enterprise of diffusing an inclusive understanding of human dignity across all areas of society worldwide. And now, I am gladly extending my present internship through the next term.

This fall, I was immediately immersed in WYA’s projects on both the regional and international scale, and my experience has benefitted me in two ways. First, spearheading a variety of cultural and educational events allowed me to develop versatility in administration, providing work experience under the reassuring guidance of former WYA interns. Secondly, exposure to the happenings at the UN and other civic institutions revealed to me a dimension of WYA’s invaluable presence, confirming the importance of sustaining its mission in advocacy work.

Both grassroots and policy endeavors are vital to upholding a perspective of life so underappreciated in a world of objectification and materialism. Your support for WYA, regardless of your level of contribution, is fundamental in maintaining our meaningful work to put the human at the core of a universal common good. Know how much we are touched by your solidarity and generosity to help us young people, whether intern or charter member, discover the treasure of genuine altruism – enabling us to rally together globally to promote human dignity! 

Yours Sincerely,
Edward Ablang

Virginia Beach, VA

From Diane Rosales of Makati, Philippines

Dear Friend of the World Youth Alliance,

My name is Diane Rosales, and I’m a twenty-four year old Visual Designer from the Philippines. I am a second-degree graduate of Behavioral Sciences in De La Salle University – Manila and in Multimedia Arts in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.

My involvement with the World Youth Alliance started when I was a freshman in university. A friend of mine, Lilia Cornelio asked me to create a blog layout for a NGO she was part of. Little did I know that the organization was the World Youth Alliance. Five years after that encounter, Lilia became the Regional Director of Operations for the WYA Asia Pacific region. During that time, I was searching for an internship to fulfill an academic requirement in my secondary degree. Lilia invited me to apply for a regional internship at the WYA Asia Pacific office. At first, I hesitated because I wasn’t really sure how a graphic designer like me could contribute to an NGO closely tied to international and policy affairs. Nevertheless, I applied and was accepted into the internship program in July of 2013. My experience in the regional office was fun and enriching. Aside from the design work for the Asia Pacific office, I was able to work on marketing and branding WYA’s campaigns with the Director of Marketing at WYA’s Headquarters, Emily Dy. I was able to finish my academic requirement ahead of my classmates because of the amount of work that I put into my internship. I had a very positive experience which made me want to apply for the New York internship. At WYA’s headquarters, I continued to work closely with the Director of Marketing. I was also able to work with different staff members on a range of projects which made my internship more fun and holistic.

I’m glad to have met everyone during my internship. From my fellow interns, to the staff, to WYA’s founder, Anna, everyone was down-to-earth and passionate about what they did. The internship not only helped me hone my talents as a designer, but formed me into a better person, too.

Diane Rosales

Makati City, Philippines | WYA Asia Pacific

From Mary Imbong of Manila, Philippines

Dear Friend of the World Youth Alliance,

Good day! My name is Mary Imbong and I am so pleased to write you this letter of gratitude. I am from the Philippines, and I recently graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University. I majored in Communication, specialized in Video production, and minored in Philosophy (which really prepared me to serve the strong mission of WYA). During summer of 2012 I interned at Summit Media Inc., one of the large magazine publishing companies in our country, and worked under the Digital Department doing video production, while also doing freelance video editing for clients on the side. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any more exciting, I joined the World Youth Alliance.

WYA gave me one of the best summers I ever had. My first entry into the WYA world was when I joined the WYA Asia Pacific (WYAAP) internship. I distinctly remember the feeling of wanting to fly to WYA every morning. I loved the work that I did. Besides the enlightening Track A training lectures, I was thrilled by the many opportunities where I was able to share my skills with co-interns and with other WYA members and guests. We had a lot of projects that allowed us to practice management, creativity, and hospitality whenever we opened our events to the public.

Among many activities, we worked on the Intern-Alumni homecoming project, which I managed, dignity projects, the WYAAP general assemblies and Digni-tea parties. Through the projects we reached out to a lot of new people with WYA’s mission, and were able to share our skills and culture.

One of my favorite events was the First Emerging Leaders Conference we held in Asia Pacific. As part of the planning team, I learned a lot of new things, and improved a lot of my artistic potential through the design and video work I did for the conference. I grew skill-wise and attitude-wise, and it all just felt so fulfilling. The whole process of planning brought our batch of interns closer, which I am very thankful for.

Ending the WYA internship was bittersweet. I still miss the office and wonderful people I shared it with. However, even after the internship, I still feel as welcome at WYA as ever. Thank you so much for all your help and support for the World Youth Alliance. I wish I could better show you how much every inch of your support means to us interns. The experience is life-changing, and is something I would do over and over again.

I am very grateful for your immense generosity. I hope this letter reaches you well, and I hope you now have a clear idea of how much we appreciate and value your generosity and support.

Mary M Imbong

Manila, Philippines | WYA Asia Pacific

From Zarina San Jose of Manila, Philippines

Dear Friend of the World Youth Alliance,

My name is Ma. Zarina San Jose and I come from Metro Manila, Philippines. I am 21 years old. Last April 2013, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Right after this I began my training with the World Youth Alliance as an intern in the Asia Pacific (AP) office.

I met WYA through a good friend of mine who was at that time also an intern. She told me about its mission and I found myself very interested with the work WYA does because it is very similar to the values I grew up with and learned both in school and with my family. As an intern for the WYA Asia Pacific office, I handled projects that were close to my interests. I worked on an educational workshop which aims to bring WYA’s principles to less privileged young people in order to help them understand their worth and dignity in the context of their situation. Another project I handled was an “inter-faith” activity wherein we visited different churches to learn more about different religions.

Upon finishing my three-month internship with the Asia Pacific office, I was accepted as an intern for the WYA headquarters office here in New York. I have been helping out a lot with social media and documentation, taking photos and posting updates, especially for our major events like the WYA North America Emerging Leaders Conference and the International Arts Forum. Aside from these, I have also been given opportunities to attend events at the United Nations and see for myself how solidarity works at the international policy level. I have also been helping out with membership drives and WYA’s after-school Human Dignity Curriculum Program. The ability to share WYA’s principles and beliefs with other young people and help them understand is a very worthwhile experience. Coming from a different culture, it’s never easy to relate to the people here, but whenever I go out to attend conferences, events or even just small get-togethers, I am always amazed at the universal applicability of WYA’s principles.

I have now been involved with WYA for almost a year and this has been one of the best experiences of my life, so far. I’m not only referring to the New York internship, but even my time with the AP office. WYA has definitely helped me become more grounded in my beliefs, especially in the ingenuity of the human person. I am now more resolved to dedicate my life to further volunteer activities and to similar work after this internship.

As a graduate of Journalism, I have been taught a lot about the power of words. The beauty of words is its capability to incite action. Through the World Youth Alliance and its grounding in the dignity of the human person, I have found many other young people who believe in the power of words coupled with action. These numerous experiences, both good and bad, have really humbled me and brightened my outlook on life.

All this would not be possible without your help to WYA. We are truly grateful for all the support you are giving to our work. Because of you, so many more young people are learning about the value of the human person and how we can all help in changing our society.

With deepest gratitude,
Ma. Zarina San Jose

Manila, Philippines | WYA Asia Pacific

From Weronika Janczuk of NY, USA

Dear Friend of the World Youth Alliance,

I’m a 21-year old student at New York University. My parents are Polish immigrants, first to Canada and then to the USA, and I grew up among stories of the Polish Solidarity movement and its heroes. I’ve always been curious about the ways ideas shape the ways we live, the beliefs that define us, and the policies that we create and allow to direct our persons and societies. I will graduate this December with a B.A. in The Philosophy of the Human Person−−a self-designed major concerned with personhood in a philosophical, social, and religious context−−and a minor in Religious Studies. The WYA internship program, especially the Track A training, was an outlet for the many ideas I’ve encountered in a very explicit, directed, and delightful way.

I’ve followed WYA and its activities for a few years now, ever since I came to college, and as an intern, I had the unique and special opportunity to work directly with WYA’s founder, Anna Halpine, on projects for WYA’s sister organization, FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management), which is concerned with offering women a knowledge- and science-based approach to their reproductive and general healthcare. I did a significant amount of research on topics for the forthcoming white paper about FEMM, helped rewrite and reorganize educational materials for FEMM training, and assisted with some behind-the-scene details for the launch of the first FEMM clinic in the USA at Ohio State University. It was wonderful to see the way a new project like this arises, and the ways in which so many components need to be coordinated in order to make it effective. I look forward to taking everything I learned, about research, writing, marketing, directing, and planning; about a person-centric working environment; and about the ideas that animate WYA and its work with me as I hunt for a job in which I can apply all this varied experience.

My heart is most grateful for all of the support, financial and likewise, that enables this organization’s work. If ideas matter, WYA is indispensable to a culture that seems to have one too many misconceptions.

With sincerest thanks,
Weronika Janczuk


Since this letter was drafted, Weronika has assumed a full time staff position with FEMM as Editorial Assistant.