Become a WYA Friend

What is a WYA friend?

WYA Members are young people who agree to the World Youth Alliance Charter and are between the ages of 10 to 30. For individuals over 30, WYA welcomes them as WYA Friends. They support WYA’s mission and work in many generous ways including becoming a donor, serving as a speaker in WYA educational events and introducing WYA to young people, youth communities, and schools.

How can you be a WYA friend?

Becoming a WYA Friend is easy! All you have to do is agree and sign our charter. By signing the charter, you will become supporters of WYA.

(Click here to read full Charter. Available in different languages.)

  • All human persons possess equal human dignity that is intrinsic and inviolable.
  • The intrinsic dignity of the person is the foundation of every human right.
  • The intrinsic dignity possessed by every human being from conception to natural death is the foundation of everyone’s right to life.
  • The family is the foundational group unit of society, where individuals are equipped to fulfill their social obligations. The political community at the local, national and international level is obliged to protect and nurture the family. 
  • The authentic development of society occurs in a culture that fosters integral human development – characterized by physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.

I agree with the World Youth Alliance Charter.

How can you contribute to WYA?

Giving to WYA Changes lives! We count on your support to defend the dignity of the human person. Your gift enables thousands of young people across the world to encounter the powerful idea of the dignity of the human person and to transform policy and culture.

The World Youth Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.