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Because of your generous contribution, we were able to touch the lives of so many young people through our programs. Read their stories, learn about their projects, and know that all this is thanks to you and your support of our work. We hope you will continue to donate and support our work.

2019 Interns

Andrea Suárez
Bogotá, Colombia
Cynthia Wangari
Nairobi, Kenya
Dardecs Villanueva
Manila, Philippines

2015 Interns and Fellows

Julian Coronado
Mexico City, Mexico
Elisabeth Gudenus
Vienna, Austria
Margaux Inocando
Manila, Philippines
Evelyn Velásquez
Oyster Bay, New York
Amy Nolan
New York, New York
Magda Laszlo
New York, New York

2014 Interns and Fellows

Go, Pauline
Vancouver, Canada
Ignacio Feliu
Barcelona, Spain
Priscille Pialoux
Rennes, France
Albert Mengual
Juan Miguel San Luis
Manila, Philippines
Janine Tutanes
Manila, Philippines
Natalie Lam
María José García Manzano
Guadalajara, México
Fernando Vial
Santiago, Chile
Ana Laura Hernández Martínez
Mexico City, Mexico

2013 Interns

Edward Abland
Virginia Beach, VA
Diane Rosales
Makati, Philippines
Mary Imbong
Manila, Philippines
Zarina San Jose
Manila, Philippines
Weronika Janczuk
New York, NY


elisabeth It is impossible not to increase our commitment to our common goals. Drawing inspiration from everyone, while developing positive networks of collaboration are just some of the highlights of the internship program.

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elisabeth I wanted to thank all of WYA’s friends for giving me this amazing opportunity to work here in New York. I have always felt so at home with the World Youth Alliance, and I feel so lucky to have spent all these months at their global headquarters. – Elisabeth Gudenus, Austria

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margaux I came to New York with three years of experiences and perspectives I had collected in my travels, work and volunteer jobs in Asia and Europe. My nine months with WYA consolidated them and helped me understand what it is that has been driving me forward, orienting me to a deeper purpose. This is a huge turning point for me, and it is with immense amount of faith and excitement that I plan my future. – Margaux Inocando, Philippines

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evelyn It was great to see and experience how people from various parts of the world can unite in an effort to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of each human person, and how much can be accomplished when this happens. – Evelyn Velásquez, USA

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magda My time here has inspired a secret desire to work defending human dignity through legal advocacy, but whatever happens, I now have more confidence and enthusiasm to allow the WYA principles to guide me. – Magda Laszlo, New York

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amy I am immensely grateful to have been able to spend these past months interning with the World Youth Alliance. The Track A Training course, advocacy training, and hours spent at the United Nations offered powerful testimonies to the practical impact individuals’ ideas have on political movements and cultural norms. – Amy Nolan, USA

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pauline I was surprised to find an organization that promoted the very same ideals and beliefs I also have. My internship developed my leadership and project management skills. I hope to continue the work that WYA does, particularly in my region, to inspire the youth and engage them to become leaders and pro-active members of society. – Pauline Go, Canada

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Since this letter was drafted, Pauline has assumed a full time staff position with WYA North America as Regional Director of Operations.


nacho Through the Marketing Internship at the New York office, I learned new things everyday. But I have gained more myself, meeting WYA’s members from all over the world. – Ignacio Feliu, Spain

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intern_priscille From all these different experiences, I learnt perseverance beacause everything was new to me, especially speaking English. I learned to base my arguments on human dignity and human rights issues on the reality of objective values.  – Priscille Pialoux, France

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intern_albert I am a Research and Advocacy Fellow working at WYA Headquarters in New York. In this role, I attended major conferences and meetings at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on WYA’s behalf, and worked on legal research projects related to WYA’s advocacy work. – Albert Mengual, Spain

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jm All the values I needed to learn, I learned from WYA–both from Asia Pacific and New York. It is a privilege to have been and still be a part of WYA. The experience is unforgettable and will surely be a great story to share in the future.- JM San Luis, Philippines

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janine Working to help organize the ISF pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to be more detailed-oriented with my work. I learned to be a leader. Working on the ISF made me fully understand the mission and vision of WYA and all that the organization stands for.- Janine Tutanes, Philippines

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natalie It was a great learning experience to participate with like-minded young people and work together to achieve a future that we can all be proud of. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be here in New York City and for all I have learnt since coming to WYA. I’m grateful for being able to live and work with so many young people from around the world who share a similar vision of empowering youth through education and holistic learning.- Natalie Lam, Singapore

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majo This experience taught me that there is a hopeful window of opportunity to shape positive change at the United Nations. I am now determined to pursue a career as a human rights legal advisor, influencing public policy in my own country of Mexico.- María José García Manzano, Mexico

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fernando The whole experience of WYA has been incredible: WYA mixed learning, working and fun all the time. I’m still deciding whether to work in the private or the public sphere, but I am confident that no matter which road I take, I will always advocate for human dignity and solidarity.- From Fernando Vial, Chile

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analaura Here in New York I serve as a WYA Advocacy Fellow, which has given me an invaluable experience in the international field, especially in global policy. Thank you for your generosity. The chance to come to New York and see how WYA’s work is made possible, the chance to meet and work with the good people that surround WYA made me realize that there still is goodness in this world. Every day I wake up in the WYA house, I thank you in my heart because you make all of these incredible things happen.- Ana Laura Hernández Martínez, Mexico

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ed My WYA experience has benefitted me in two ways. First, spearheading a variety of cultural and educational events allowed me to develop versatility in administration, providing work experience under the reassuring guidance of former WYA interns. Secondly, exposure to the happenings at the UN and other civic institutions revealed to me a dimension of WYA’s invaluable presence, confirming the importance of sustaining its mission in advocacy work. Both grassroots and policy endeavors are vital to upholding a perspective of life so underappreciated in a world of objectification and materialism.- Edward Ablang, USA

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diane I’m glad to have met everyone during my internship. From my fellow interns, to the staff, to WYA’s founder, Anna, everyone was down-to-earth and passionate about what they did. The internship not only helped me hone my talents as a designer, but formed me into a better person, too.- Diane Rosales, Philippines

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mary WYA gave me one of the best summers I ever had. I distinctly remember the feeling of wanting to fly to WYA every morning. I loved the work that I did. Besides the enlightening Track A training lectures, I was thrilled by the many opportunities where I was able to share my skills with co-interns and with other WYA members and guests. We had a lot of projects that allowed us to practice management, creativity, and hospitality whenever we opened our events to the public.-Mary Imbong, Philippines

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zars The ability to share WYA’s principles and beliefs with other young people and help them understand is a very worthwhile experience. Coming from a different culture, it’s never easy to relate to the people here, but whenever I go out to attend conferences, events or even just small get-togethers, I am always amazed at the universal applicability of WYA’s principles.- Zarina San Jose, Philippines

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Since this letter was drafted, Zarina has assumed a full time staff position with WYA Asia Pacific as Regional Director of Operations. 


weronika I will graduate this December with a B.A. in The Philosophy of the Human Person−−a self-designed major concerned with personhood in a philosophical, social, and religious context−−and a minor in Religious Studies. The WYA internship program, especially the Track A training, was an outlet for the many ideas I’ve encountered in a very explicit, directed, and delightful way.  I look forward to taking everything I learned, about research, writing, marketing, directing, and planning; about a person-centric working environment; and about the ideas that animate WYA and its work with me as I hunt for a job in which I can apply all this varied experience.- Weronika Janczuk, USA

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Since this letter was drafted, Weronika has assumed a full time staff position with WYA as Director of Education.


I’ve been in New York for more than two months and I am glad that I could live this experience, in this NGO and in this house with my new WYA friends. I enjoyed every moment during my internship, especially learning how to defend human dignity and meet young people from different countries with the same values and ideals. I am really thankful for the WYA staff, members, alumni and friends because of all their effort, their kindness and generosity. Now I have more hope that the world will change. – Andrea Suárez, Colombia

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I am grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake the internship at the WYA Headquarters. This opportunity has opened up my mind to the positive change young people can bring to their societies. I am eager to take everything I have learnt here to the youth in Africa. I am thankful to you, for making all this possible through your donations and continued support. – Cynthia Wangari, Kenya

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Since this letter was drafted, Cynthia has assumed a full time staff position with WYA as Regional Director for Africa.


As I end my wonderful and amazing stay here in New York, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of WYA’s friends for giving me and my fellow interns this opportunity to work here in WYA HQ. We appreciate your generosity and we will be forever grateful! – Dardecs Villanueva, The Philippines

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