8th Annual International Solidarity Forum: March 21st-24th

The World Youth Alliance will welcome members from almost twenty countries to participate in our 8th Annual International Solidarity Forum from March 21st-24th at WYA Headquarters and the United Nations. This year’s theme, “Population and Economics: Investing in the Human Person,” will focus on what a person centered approach to economics means and how populations affect economies. Lectures will be given by Brad Wilcox (University of Virginia), Henry Schwalbenberg (Fordham University), Sophia Aguirre (Catholic University of America) and John Mueller (Ethics and Public Policy Center).

The ISF brings together WYA members from each of the five regions, international advisors to the World Youth Alliance, and members of the UN diplomatic community.  Each ISF examines particular themes of global importance through lectures, workshops, and cultural activities. For more information on this year’s ISF, visit here