“Mga Larawan ng Kabayanihan” – The GK Expo 2006 Digital Photo Competition

Gawad Kalinga is writing Philippine history in new and exciting ways. This great adventure we are making through the GK way deserves to be documented to give people inspiration today and to leave a legacy for the future generations.

As the fire of heroism spreads throughout the nation, these acts borne out of love for our country must to be immortalized. The best way to do this is to capture memorable moments through amazing photographs.

The national photo competition seeks to record history in various GK villages all over the country. It wants to highlight the photography talents of many GK volunteers/advocates and provide them the opportunity to share their excellence with the poor. They will also have the unique and special privilege of becoming chroniclers of history as they capture the spirit of hope through Gawad Kalinga.

Open to amateur and professional photographers of any age and nationality.

Photographs must be original images taken by the photographer within a GK village or during a GK activity. The photos should have not been published previously.

Content and Subject
The photo competition is divided in 3 major categories. Each category will have one winner, a 1st runner up and a 2nd runner up.

The Photo Categories are:

a.    Bayan –  The photo shows the beautiful landscape of a Gawad Kalinga village
b.    Bayani – The photo must  be an inspiring photo of a GK volunteer or a GK resident in action at the GK Village
c.    Bayanihan- The photo must illustrate the Filipino spirit of “bayanihan”; capturing the spirit of unity of a people working together to rebuild the nation

Dimensions and Form
All photos to be submitted can be colored or black and white. Images may have minor alterations on color, contrast, etc. However, the photos should not have been significantly altered, or appear unnatural, or have elements added or removed.

Digital image submissions
Photos must be taken at the highest possible resolution or a photo captured with a 3.2 megapixel camera must be done at the largest image setting.

Submit digital images with 1500 x 2100 pixel dimensions for initial screening only. Finalists will be advised to submit their photos in the highest resolution.

Photo Identification
The photo must be marked with a one word or a phrase caption. Attach the name and telephone number of the photographer and the category they are joining. Information about the photograph/s should include details of the location: GK village, town, city and province, the date it was taken, type of camera used and any other relevant information.

Submission deadline and schedule
Only 3 photographs for each category may be entered. A photographer may enter a maximum of 9 pictures only (3 for bayan, 3 for bayani, 3 for bayanihan).

Entries must all be submitted on or before September 20, 2006. The finalists will informed by September 30, 2006.

Photographs may be submitted through a CD at the Gawad Kalinga office, or may be sent through email at gkphotos2006@yahoo.com starting August 1, 2006.

All submitted photographs will be screened and judged by a panel that includes professional photographers, GK advocates, contest sponsors and media personalities. The panel will choose the 20 finalists per category.
The final 60 pictures for the 3 categories will then be printed and exhibited at the 3 day GK Expo on October 6, 7, and 8.  Along with the photo exhibit, the judges’ profiles will also be displayed. The 3 winners of each category will be announced on October 8 and awarded their respective prizes.

There will be a winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up per category. Prizes include plaques of recognition, gift certificates and other surprise prizes. Photographers have the honor of becoming the first winners of the very first GK photo competition that will become an annual event. Their photos will also be part of GK history.

Other Uses
Winning photographs and others submitted to the contest will be legally owned by GK and may be chosen for use in any GK publications and media materials.