Africa Region Turns 4 Years – Past and Present Interns Unite for a Luncheon!

“Kumanga, Kubanjuka na Kulipuka!” (Eating, Dancing and Exploding)

This year the World Youth Alliance Africa will be celebrating its 4th Birthday since it began its operations in Africa. The growth has been tremendous over the past four years thanks to the many supporters and especially interns who have been making the Alliance known even after they complete their internship. 
The Alliance is a growing experience and after embracing the principles stated in our charter and living them in our daily lives, we discover joy and a sense of belonging to each other.

We invite all the past and the present interns to join us for a luncheon full of fun on July 1st in Lang’ata.

Come with one friend who has never heard about the World Youth Alliance.


As the theme suggests you cannot afford to miss this one!