An Invitation For Asia Pacific Members to Participate at the 2007 UN Commissions, New York

Have you always wanted to see and participate in a conference at the United Nations in New York?
Meet delegates from all over the world?
Listen to state leaders and representatives?

Or do you just want to put your World Youth Alliance training to practice?

Whether it’s been your life long dream to see the United Nations or finally put your training to the test, we’re inviting all members in training to participate in the 2007 United Nations Commissions at the UN Headquarters in New York. WYA Track A training is a pre-requisite. Deadline for registration is the 30th of October 2006, Monday. Contact Erika of WYAAP at for more details.

Click on HERE for more information on the upcoming commissions.

If you are not a member or in training, you may only be eligible for the UN Commissions if you sign up for membership and become a Certified Member before your commission of choice. Certification entails completing the independent study-based World Youth Alliance Track A training module and an accreditation session. Upcoming accreditation sessions are scheduled for 4 November 2006, 24 February 2007 and 26 May 2007 in Manila, Philippines. Travel and living expenses are to be shouldered by the participant. For more information, email Erika at