April 16-19: 9th Annual International Solidarity Forum

The 9th Annual International Solidarity Forum (ISF) will take place April 16-19, 2012 at the United Nations and WYA Headquarters in New York City. The ISF is the World Youth Alliance’s annual training event. Hosted at the United Nations in New York, the ISF brings together WYA members from each of the five regions, international advisors to the World Youth Alliance, and members of the UN diplomatic community. Each ISF examines particular themes of global importance through lectures, workshops, and cultural activities.

This year’s annual theme, Sustainable Development: The Priority of Persons, will examine the centrality of the human person in achieving human development. Sustainable development is the United Nations’ overarching concept for development and human rights; it includes social, economic and environmental areas of focus. In June, 2012, the United Nations will host an international conference in Rio, in order to revisit commitments made 20 years ago, and to reset the sustainable development agenda for the future. Given the overarching compass of this theme, the commitments made at Rio will influence each area of WYA’s work at the UN in an ongoing way. 

The ISF is closed to the public. If you are interested in attending next year’s ISF, which is only open to our Track A Certified Members, click here to enroll in the training program.