Celebrating World Habitat Day in “Mukuru” Slum

  Celebrating World Habitat Day in “Mukuru” Slum

2nd October 2006

Theme: Dignity and Environment

World Youth Alliance Africa members will celebrate World Habitat Day on 2nd October at ‘Mukuru kwa Reuben’ slum, Nairobi. The event will be marked by participating in a clean up exercise, planting trees and donating clothes to the needy.

Our vision is centered on the inherent dignity of each person.  World Youth Alliance activities hope to demonstrate how the ideas of human dignity can be lived in everyday life.  This can be through simple activities that we believe can change the society and by showing how individuals can influence the society positively through simple action.

Young people everywhere need hope and support.  In solidarity let us be united as a community of young people with one vision regardless of our status.  We need each other.

We call upon all members who wish to join us or contribute in-kind to contact the World Youth Alliance office on 254 – 020 – 250 – 754 or email africa@wya.net.  Members in other parts of Africa are encouraged organize similar activities in the community as a way of celebrating World Habitat Day.

Responsibility, Solidarity and a Culture that will protect everyone in the society is all we need to achieve our dreams.

Join us for this special occasion.