Certified Training

The World Youth Alliance Certified Training Session

Dates: Friday-Sunday, January 20-22, 2006

Times (subject to change slightly): Friday 7-10 p.m., Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-5

Location: To be announced

Registration: Deadline is December 15, 2005. Forms available in PDF form here. Mail registration form and payment to The World Youth Alliance, 847-A Second Avenue, #502, New York, NY 10017.

Cost: to cover costs of Friday night appetizers, Saturday breakfast snack and lunch, Sunday breakfast snack and lunch.

Travel: Arrangements to be made by participants. Nearby airports include New York JFK, New York LaGuardia, Newark International. Inexpensive Chinatown buses connect NYC to D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston. Trains run out of Penn Station and Grand Central Station. The Greyhound Bus Station is located at the New York Port Authority.

Accommodations: Final arrangements to be made by participants. We are currently compiling a list of youth hostels in New York that could accommodate our January training participants. If you have relatives/friends/a university alumni club network here and could stay with any of those contacts, we would highly recommend looking into these possibilities, as well.

Preparation Procedure (Materials will be forwarded at your request):

Intern Questionnaire: Go through this to get your ideas flowing. Submit to cole@wya.net or meganf@wya.net by December 15, 2005. Don’t worry about spending too much time on the question if you have absolutely no idea how to answer, but really try to think through each one. Requires a few hours.

Training Set I is an exhilarating compilation of foundational writings that help you to grasp and articulate human dignity and how it manifests itself directly in the human experience. Set I should be completed by January Training and will be sent in zip file format via email to applicants as soon as we hear back from you regarding your interest. Read each article, and find relevant questions at the end of Set I. Questions not starred are to be answered in discussion (if completing training alone, think through these); all starred questions must be answered in written form, as well, by emailing them to cole@wya.net or meganf@wya.net by January 18, 2006. Requires several days of reading and writing.

Ubuchindami list should be underway by January training. We recommend having at least the first four books completed. These include: Man’s Search for Meaning, A World Made New, Man and the State, Centesimus Annus. Consider each work in light of its relevance to the way in which WYA works and the ideas that WYA is built upon, focusing especially on inherent dignity, freedom, and culture. You will find attached a list of questions to answer in discussion groups, or on your own if completing training preparation alone. In Training Set I, you are also asked to provide a brief written summary of each text in your answer set. Full list available on website: https://www.wya.net/Ubuchindami.php.

Tentative Outline for January Training:

Solidify Training Set I ideas
• Clarify mission, work, foundation of WYA
• Articulate basic concepts of human dignity, evidence rooted in the lived experience of the human person, and implications
• Understand approach of WYA: influence on policy and culture

Introduction to Training Set II: UN History, Documentation, Procedures, Issues
• Understand history of UN and how civil society participates
• Language, diplomacy, negotiation exercises
• Upcoming advocacy at the 2006 UN Commissions

Involvement Strategies
• Discuss commitment to localizing WYA efforts
• Discuss developing Regional Committee
• Brainstorm strategies for spreading these ideas throughout society via policy and culture
• Maintain a view of the overall picture: solidarity through coordinated global effort