CityAdventure NYC Scavenger Hunt Registration

City Adventure [Nov. 17, 2007 11am-5pm (arrive at 10am for registration)] is a cultural scavenger hunt that is designed to expose its participants to an array of cultural activities scattered throughout eclectic Manhattan.  Students will be able to experience the rich beauty of Spanish culture, leave the United States (via the United Nations HQ), practice Korean Tae Kwon-Do, visit the first U.S capital and birthplace of the Bill of Rights, or view a work that ushered in the "Age of the Printed Book." (Plus, many more exciting sites of interest).  As participants (in groups of 10) find their way from each cultural point, they will be required to perform an assigned task or answer a critical thinking question in order to move on to the next site. At the conclusion of the event, there will an awards ceremony that will in include food, refreshments, and karaoke.

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