Costa Rica Welcomes WYALA Staff

WYALA is glad to inform all its members that regional staff Milagros and Christel will be in San Jose, Costa Rica, from October 26th to November 1st. We thank everyone who have made this trip possible, in particular Amb. Chaverri, who believes in us, young people as motors of change. Also, our members, Ana Laura Mendez and Ismael Vega, who has helped us coordinate and made this schedule possible.

Program of the WYALA in Costa Rica
October, Tuesday 26th
2.00 PM Universidad Latina
4.00 PM Universidad Nacional Abierta
-Small private cocktail in the evening-
October, Wednesday 27th
9.00 AM Universidad de Costa Rica – Law Department
2.00 PM Visit to the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs
October, Thursday 28th
9.00 AM Organization of American States Model
2.00 PM Universidad Latina
October, Friday 29th
8.00 AM Grettel Tinoco-Programa de radio (Columbia)
12.00 M IICA- MOEA
3.00 PM UACA
October, Saturday 30th  
City Tour/ Garita-Alajuela
Milagros and Christel are looking forward to gain many new members and get in touch with WYA’s friends and alumni in Costa Rica.
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