Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity – how ideas shape policy?

Workshop for Dutch – Russian Youth Group
Brussels, 27th Feb ’08

On Wednesday, February 27th, WYA Europe had the pleasure to host a Dutch-Russian youth group on a three-hour workshop, which took place in the WYA Intern Apartment. Our guests arrived straight from their conference in the Netherlands to get a short but intense breath of Brussels.

Meeting involved introduction and presentations of our work at the heart of Europe and the EU institutions. After lunch we reflected on the understanding of concepts such as:  dignity, freedom and solidarity rooting the debate in the WYA Charter and Declarations. Afterwards we moved on to research on recent legal documents such as:  “Draft Report  on the Demographic Future of Europe” from the EP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs or “Draft Report on Gender Equality and Woman’s Empowerment in Development Cooperation” from the DEVE EP Committee, as well as the Youth Proposals from the Cairo+5 Conference (a part of the Track A training). Our aim was to analyze how the discussed ideas can shape policy as well as mirror themselves in our daily lives.