Essay Writing Contest, Africa

Some of the world’s poorest countries are found in Africa and especially the Sub-Saharan region where majority of the people live below the poverty level. These extreme poverty levels are a result of social, geographical and historical factors among others.

Africa has a lot of potential in terms of resources and creation of wealth. However, it faces great challenges like poor leadership, outbreak of diseases and high levels of illiteracy. The driving force behind development is the will to improve, backed by a sufficient labor force, which is abundant in Africa. The highest percentage of the African people is the youth and with this comes the need for their participation in development issues.

World Youth Alliance – Africa is giving you the opportunity to make a contribution towards the eradication of poverty and the enhancing of peace in Africa. You can do this by writing an essay that does not exceed 800 words guided by the underlying question.

Share your thoughts by discussing the idea that poor leadership, diseases, and violation of human dignity are the greatest hurdles African countries have to over come in the alleviation of poverty.

The winning essays will be posted on our web site and then discussed at a round table discussion during the International Youth Conference on 9th February, 2006 and will be posted on our website.

The deadline for the submissions of the essays is 5th December, 2005.