First Annual Summer Summit at International Headquarters

How do we apply the lens of human dignity to international policy?  Twenty young people will join us for a week in New York to find out.

This five-day intensive training week running from 11-16 July will engage participants with the question: how do we work in the sphere of international policy to build a world that respects us as human persons?  In preparation for next year’s UN Commissions, we will explore issues including Foreign Aid, Social Development, Sustainable Development, Population and Development, and the Status of Women.  


Tuesday, July 11
Participants Arrive to New York
Opening Barbecue at WYA House, 7 p.m.

Wednesday, July 12
Founder’s Day: World Youth Alliance Basic Training
Speaker: Anna Halpine, WYA President & Founder
Who Are We?
History and Founding
How do we work?
Understanding Human Dignity: Evidence and Expression of Dignity in Philosophy, Art, Culture, Beauty

Thursday, July 13
World Youth Alliance Basic Training II
Speaker: Anna Halpine, WYA President & Founder
UN History and Documents
WYA History at the UN
Negotiation, Diplomacy, Language

Friday, July 14
Investigating Policy
Basic Policy Analysis
International Development
Allocation of Foreign Aid

Saturday, July 15
Social Development
Guest Speaker: Gemma Adaba, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
Decent Work, Labor Rights and Fair Trade
Social Integration and Participation

Status of Women
Speaker: Gabrielle Corica, World Youth Alliance
Equal Participation in Development Processes
Opportunity for Equal Participation in High-Level Positions
Methods of Work: Multi-Year Programs

Sunday, July 16
Population and Development
International Migration
Trafficking of Persons

Sustainable Development
Guest Speaker: Yochi Zakai, Sierra Student Coalition
Energy for sustainable development, industrial development,
air pollution, atmosphere and climate change