Good Governace Program hosted by Youngstars Foundation in Jos, Nigeria – Young people from Africa can apply for the 2008 Course


Youngstars Foundation, Jos, (an affiliate of World Youth Alliance) with support from the National Endowment for Democracy, NED USA, is glad to announce the call for application from young people across African for our youth and good governance project beginning in January 2008 called DESPLAY. Democracy Series: Participation – Learning and Active Youths (DESPLAY) is a knowledge based and activity oriented youth program that brings together youths from different places to deepen their democracy knowledge and foster active youth participation in good governance processes. Since 2005, DESPLAY has directly trained over 150 youths from Nigeria and Ghana, and over 1000 youths indirectly through her peer education component called Passing it On.


As Africa strides to become the continent of our dream, governance and leadership remains one of the critical vehicles for achieving a better Africa. Different arguments continue on the subject of the continents growth and development, many questions continue to be asked on who will deliver the continent? Even as democracy slowly takes roots in Africa, her people are yet to enjoy average dividends from democratic actors. Increasingly, young people who remain the bulk of the African population and the emerging leaders are also concerned about the questions of governance, leadership and development in the continent. It is not farfetched to cite that from to Lagos, Abuja to Accra, Younde to , to S. Africa, and Nairobi to Niger Republic, etc, young Africans are faced with many challenges that could be easily solved if government works. We are of the opinion that the land of Africa is not cursed, neither are our abundant natural resources reasons for wars, Africa is a great continent and great Africans are in demand to make it great! Transformational leaderships, genuine people based development programs and home grown reforms and governance are keys to the new Africa


It is this view that fosters a new trend where youth activism is growing by the day all over Africa, young people are saying that we care, we are strategic stakeholders, we have some roles to play not in the future, but today, right now. And if you look all over Africa, you will see the promise of a new generation by the quality of initiative emanating from young people to improve the continent. DESPLAY is one of such program, it is our own way of saying, young people are working to become more active in making democracy grow, development more sustainable, leadership more responsive and accountable, human dignity and the rule of law more appreciated. This is what DESPLAY is about, over a 10 months period, 3 different semesters shall be conducted in different Nigerian cities where young people are empowered with practical skills required to engage the democratic process and the leadership question of our continent. DESPLAY is one program every emerging African leader needs to attend, maybe you are over the age bracket but you feel strongly about this issues, you can attend as an observer. Facilitators are drawn from the Academia, Civil society, Government and Social entrepreneurs.  Yes, you may also wish to donate or support any aspect of this project, what is true to our heart is that Africa will work because you and I shall make it work!  And yes we can!


DESPLAY semesters:

A DESPLAY semesters comprises (3) semesters of training schedule to take place every 3 or 4 months. That is, three (3) semesters in a year. Each semester last four (4) days and has two (2) phases. Phase one (1) is the 4 days in-house training, while phase two (2) is called PiO/MPiO (Passing it On/Mobile Passing it On) a very integral component of the project which allows participant to transfer knowledge gained into action.


Semester 1:            Thematic focus is on “Understanding Democracy and Good Governance”. Where concepts of democracy, regime types, issues of democratization in and other Africa countries are meticulously engaged.

Semester 2:         Thematic focus is on “Participation”. Exploring what participation means to young people, what are our best strategic points of entry or getting involved, what are available tools of engagement among others.


Semester 3:         Thematic focus is on “Leadership and Aspiration, with   special emphasis on how leadership impacts modern governance, vis-à-vis values hinged on character, ethics, vision, stewardship, followership, and model examples among others.


During DESPLAY 2007/8 program:

  1. Participants shall attend 3 different semesters of 4 days each on democracy in different cities in .


  1. Participants shall also participate in the first Nigeria Youth Week on Democracy, which is designed to be the last Semester in Abuja, the capital city of .


  1. Selected participants shall intern at the National Assembly and other selected social institutions.


  1. For participants who can afford it, there shall also be opportunity to participate in a learning visit to an Africa country practicing democracy.


  1. DESPLAY offers unique opportunity to interact and network with youths from within and outside , who are sure to assume leadership position across the continent over the next 15-25 years.


  1. Certificate shall be awarded to successful participants at the end of the 3rd Semester among others.


Young people interested in & active in democracy building, resident in any state in and any African  country, are eligible to apply. Age bracket 20 – 30 years only.


Participants Cost:

The National Endowment for Democracy – NED covers 90% of the program cost, covering accommodation, feeding, conference tools, transport subsidy, internship subsidy, among others. However, selected participants shall be expected to pay a token fee of only N4, 000:00 per semester or 12,000:00 for the 3 semesters to augment other component.


For foreign participants, accommodation, feeding and local transportation in is covered by NED. However, foreign participants are responsible for their airfare to and from . For those who would require a support letter to enable them fundraise, Youngstars Foundation is glad to provide such letters to ease fundraising process.


To apply:

Download application forms from  Entries closes December 20th 2007.


For Further Details:



Bola   +234 80 654 798 17

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Toyin +234 80 275 88686    


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