International Solidarity Forum 2006

The Third International Solidarity Forum will take place March 27-30, 2006, on the theme “Corruption and Good Governance”.

A draft schedule is found below:

March 26 Open house at WYA’s new international headquarters – this is not an official part of the ISF but participants are welcome

March 27 One-day Seminar at the United Nations on the contributions of John Paul II to modern thought on social justice and peace

March 28 Discussions on the foundation of free and just societies, good governance, Cultural Event

March 29 Further discussions and introduction to WYA draft statement, Cutural Event

March 30 Final work on draft statement, Closing Party

Speakers: Habib Malik, Katherine Hoomkwap, Francesco Tatad, Ambassador Guterres, Rabbi David Novak, Andreas Widmer, Mariusz Handzlik,

Applications are available through WYA’s regional offices. Contact:

ISF application

What is the International Solidarity Forum?

At the heart of the United Nations is the question of the human person. The WYA insists that only by placing the inalienable dignity of each and every person at the heart of our work, programs and policies can truly free and just societies be created. Developing this principle is at the heart of WYA engagement with delegates, member states and government bodies. In the past year the World Youth Alliance has worked on some key issues that highlight the magnitude of the importance the dignity of the person has in international debates. Some of these issues have been human cloning, HIV/AIDS, allocation of funds for development and the importance of the family as the fundamental building block of society.

As part of our continuing efforts to equip young people to participate in international discussions on behalf of the dignity of the human person, the WYA has developed the International Solidarity Forum, an annual training event for our top young people from around the world. The ISF is an annual forum in which young people and policy makers can work together to increase their understanding of the intrinsic dignity of each human person, and the importance of informed and active citizenship among youth to build free and just societies around the world.

Building on the success of training initiatives conducted by our staff in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and North America the WYA hosted the first International Solidarity Forum November 12 – November 16, 2003 in New York City with the theme “HIV/AIDS”. WYA hosted and trained 37 young people from 16 different countries. The 1st ISF was an overwhelming success. The youth participants, UN delegates and experts were delighted with the results. Plans for the Second International Solidarity Forum, 2004 quickly developed. The theme for ISF 2004 was “Women and Development”. The Second International Solidarity Forum took place in New York City from November 15-18, 2004.

Notes from Participants in past International Solidarity Forum:

It was important to me to meet people that strongly believe in my same fundamental principles (that are so well defined in the world youth alliance charter). To see that this young people are from everywhere in the world and even if we are all different we all believe in these fundamental principles. I think that events like yours can motivate a lot of young people to “fight” for their ideal and not to give up at the first challenge.

~Emanuela, Italy, ISF 2003

Women and Development was a very important issue to discuss especially facing the upcoming Beijing +10 conference. Having people from the five continents enriched the arguments and debates. I found the complementary relationship between these two concepts, women and development very interesting.

~Enrique, Mexico ISF 2004