Kenyan Members get together


World Youth Alliance – Kenyan Members Get Together

VENUE: Arboretum, Nairobi

DATE: 4th August 2007

TIME: 12:00pm to 5:00Pm

THEME: Experience Beauty, Joy and Friendship

Beauty comes in many ways, through experiencing the uniqueness of people around us, experiencing nature and most importantly experiencing the gift of joy through simple things.

Joy is a feeling felt from deep within the heart. This can only be achieved when an individual is given the chance to fully develop i.e. physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

At the World Youth Alliance, we work towards enjoying life by being responsible and at the same time having fun. The get together is mainly for members in to know each other. It will also be a time to get new friends and to appreciate the beauty of the environment.

We welcome all World Youth Alliance members in to join us for these great experiences.


  • Carry  packed lunch or snacks for the afternoon and a bottle of drinking water
  • Come with one friend who has never heard about World Youth Alliance
  • Help spread the message to other WYA Members.
  • Keep time.

Contact Details

Hannah Ondiek
World Youth Alliance

E-mail: or
: 254 – 02- 250 -754

Kindly confirm your attendance by August 1st 2007.