New Atheism and Western Civilization

Brussels, 7th Nov 2007

On Nov 7th, WYA Europe,  together with Forum Brussels and Hans Seidel Stiftung, hosted a debate on the phenomenon of the “New Atheism” and its effects on Western Civilization.  The introductory speech was given by Dr. Ingo Friedrich, Member of the European Parliament, who exemplified how different thought streams can mirror in political decisions at the EU level.  Dr. John Carson Lennox from Oxford University, the main speaker, mathematician, scientist and philosopher, raised various issues connected with the growing popularity of the atheism and its presence in culture and social thought.  His speech will soon be available online.

The seminar was preceded with a short lecture by Dr. Lennox on “Courageus Leadership”, which was of special interest to the WYA Europe staff and interns. What we have learnt from his speech is that the key to successful leadership are values and moral integrity of the leader.

You can find the programme details here. Please find the report and pictures here!