Our Training Program

World Youth Alliance – Africa On – Line Training Protocol (Track A)

What is Track A?

Track A is an independent study program in the foundational ideas, context and work of the World Youth Alliance. Track A is a prerequisite for Regional Internships and for participation with the Alliance in UN commissions and conferences.

Through Track A, members explore the question of Who is the Human Person? They practice articulating an authentic vision of the human person in the context of international development issues. They also encounter writings from history, philosophy, the arts, psychology, and UN documents.

How to use the on line system

· Interested members should write to esther@wya.net to receive the application form

· Members will be eligible to use the system only for three months only.

· All information regarding the training will be posted on the training system including training material, submission deadlines, comments and latest news.

· Each registered trainee should belong to a group, the groups are listed per country i.e. Kenya, Congo, Uganda

· Interested members must register before hand to give room for preparation, the calendar for 2007 is below.
(Kindly write to esther@wya.net to register, indicate when you wish to begin the training)

· The online training website is http://wya.salonesvirtuales.com

Procedure for taking up the 0n-line Training

· Trainees must read the assigned material in the training sets and answer the set of questions corresponding to each reading or section of the set.

· To help in understanding the text, discussions are scheduled throughout the program.  Small learning teams can be formed among people who live in the same area, or are enrolled in the same school.

· Written/ typed answers to the assigned set of questions are submitted to the Regional Director of Operations via the online system. Deadline is set and each trainee should strictly follow the listed deadlines on the system depending on which group they are. Upon submitting the written answers to the regional staff, feedback will be given one to two weeks later.

· Each training set should be completed before proceeding to the next one.

· All answers should be done on Microsoft Word.

Merit and Demerit System

Once a member begins training, he/she is given 100 points.

·  For each delay in submission, a certain number of points is deducted (depending on the number of days delayed). 

·  To be eligible for accreditation, trainees must have completed all required questions and have at least 80 points.

Ø  If the trainee:

Ø  Does not meet the completed question requirement, he/she may join the accreditation session but will not receive a certificate. The trainee will be considered accredited once all requirements are submitted (and if he/she meets the point requirement).

Ø Does not meet the point requirement, he/she cannot join the accreditation session.

Ø  1 point is deducted for each day a set of answers is delayed.
½ point is deducted for missing details (i.e. name, date, page numbers, questions being answered, and answers).

Ø Answers may be sent back to the trainee for review and revisions. Points will not be deducted, but will have to be done again and submitted.

Accreditation Session

Members who are interested in applying for the New York Internship Program, the International Solidarity Forum and representing WYA – Africa in conferences and commissions must submit all the training requirements and pass the accreditation session.

The Accreditation Session will be organized by the regional office either during the President tour or Directors visit to respective countries.

2007 Calendar for Track A members

Due to overwhelming number of members interested in our online training, we have decided to only register 60 people per quarter. Interested participants must register before the deadline to be accepted into the program.

Below find a schedule to be followed throughout 2007.


Starting Date

Ending Date

 Deadline for registration

1st  quarter

January 5th 2007

April  5th 2007

15th December 2006

2nd quarter

April 10th 2007

July 10th 2007

1st April 2007

3rd quarter

July 20th 2007

October 20th

1st July 2007

4th quarter

October 25th 2007

January 25th 2008

1st October 2007