Summer School – Viviamo: the Art of Living

Please call our booking hotline on +32 2732 7605 if you are interested in attending the Viviamo Summer School in Targu Mures, Romania! Participants will be led through Track A of WYA training. They will also gain a living experience of the power of ideas, art, architecture and beauty – facilitating a deeper affirmation of human dignity & solidarity at the heart of the culture!

Experiencing Culture

With its majestic castles, legends, medieval towns and amazing wildlife, certainly is one of the most remote and preserved regions of the Eastern bloc. Come and discover’s abundance of cultural sights and traditions. For example:

  • Experiencing Culture through local and expert insight.

Experts will share with us their knowledge regarding the issues raised in the Summer School i.e. Art and Architecture, Development, Policy, etc.

  • Experiencing Transylvania Culture

Cultural visits to famous and exciting places like the castle of Bran, which is believed to have been the home of Prince Vlad Tepes, who inspired Dracula’s legend.

Gain Insight into Habitat and Development

Viviamo will give you a living understanding of the cultural conditions which best facilitate the integral development of the human person. We are interested in your personal opinion in these matters. By doing so, participants will enter into a vital and fruitful dialogue.

  • The Summer School will give young people an insight into habitat and development through highlighting the concrete work and achievements of agents of integral development such as Caritas – Targu Mures.

  • Through recognising the necessity of reflecting human dignity within the environments in which we live, young people will start to develop an understanding of the human person that will help shape policy and culture.

Solidarity Among Young People

The Summer School will give you the opportunity to meet young Europeans and build solidarity through intercultural dialogue.

  • The programme will also comprise of many leisure events and cultural visits. Also, there will be still enough time for sports activities or time just to relax.

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Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 30 (under 18s must attend with an adult guardian).

The cost of the Summer School: 250 Euros. This includes transport for cultural trips, basic meals and accommodation with a local family if required. Special arrangements can be made for those who can only attend a limited part of the Summer School or who do not have adequate financial means.

Language: English essential
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Note: Offer for free places closed on the 16th June.