Summer Series Hits Manila!

The Membership Development Committee of WYAAP has exciting activities in store for the members in Manila. From cooking lessons, to film viewings, to museum trips and wine tasting – there are all sorts of cultural activities to cater to the different interests of our members.

Language lessons: Interested in learning another language? We have several bilingual (and multi-lingual) members who are offering to teach us the basics in conversational Mandarin and French!!! Local Philippine languages (Bicol, Cebuano, Ilonggo) will also be taught according to the availability of teachers.                    

Movie Nights: Indie films, Asian films, mainstream pop-culture films. Members are hosting viewings of their favorite movies this summer! This is a great way to relax, watch a good film and make new friends!

Photography Class: We have a lot of talented amateur photographers in our group – and they all want to share their photos, talent and skill with the rest of the members. If you’re interested in capturing the moments in priceless photographs, this is for you.

And the activities are endless – museum trips, tea sampling, wine tasting, coffee chats and more!

Contact the WYA AP office today to find out how to participate in these activities! Or even better – help us organize one that interests you – and we’ll invite members to share in your passion!