Ubuchindami Film Night Featuring Children of Heaven

About the Film:

The movie focuses
on lives of two Iranian siblings named Ali and Zahara. Coming from a poor family, they both show the audience how they are able to cope with financial difficulties that they encounter everyday. As young people, we are often faced with decisions to make, but for Ali and Zahara, simply knowing what to eat and what to wear are one of the big decisions that they need to do daily. Despite their financial status, they always try to strive ways to be happy and aspire for a better life without being a burden to their parents. Children of Heaven is a must see movie filled with values that will inspire and capture the hearts of its viewers.

About Cinema Ubuchindami:

Cinema Ubuchindami selects films that portray the broad elements of truth about the human person. Each film reflects a shared experience of humanity and helps an audience empathize with what it means to be human. As an introduction to the World Youth Alliance’s vision of the person these films look at specific themes related to the common search for meaning, justice, freedom and peace. The list aims to reflect on the transcendental nature of the person, and the ability and need for beauty in the world around them. The selected films have been taken from around the world to reflect the regions of the World Youth Alliance. Each film focuses on stories that encourage debate regarding the strength of a person devoted to freedom and dignity. Culture, whether national or international, is at the heart of each film, fostering and strengthening relationships between individuals of differing nationalities and beliefs. This provides an opportunity for discussion concerning key ideas of dignity, solidarity and integral development. Questions accompany each film to reflect the universal condition of all individuals and promote responsible action in politics and culture. The film list includes but is not limited to: Invictus, Les Choristes, Mad Hot Ballroom, Shawshank Redemption and Hero.